Tue Jan 8 00:53:26 CET 2008

note.png Mashups Of The Year 2007

Yesterday I found an interesting link on Netzpolitik about 19 Mashups of the year 2007. They made a musical review of the last year. It's somehow really cool.

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Fri Dec 7 13:08:05 UTC 2007

loudspeaker.png HSF Free Music Show

Today I had a few minutes time to listen to some of the songs of the playlists of the free music show on HSF.

It's really nice that they play only free songs in this show. But it seems that they only feature the music not the licenses behinde them. In my opinion this is as important as the songs themselves.
Nevertheless they had a lot of good and very good songs in their playlists.

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Sun Jan 7 00:28:12 CET 2007

loudspeaker.png Monochrom @23C3

I saw Tim wrote about the presentation of monochrom (Proto-Melodic Comment Squad), an artists collective from Vienna on the 23C3.

They presented there several very funny songs including their RFID song.

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Sat Dec 9 19:47:55 CET 2006

music.png HSF Trance Show

Today I listened to the HSF show about trance music. It was recorded by Frank for me (special thanks therefore!).

It was very nice to hear a known (and so beautiful) voice through the speakers. There were really old tracks which are awesome nevertheless but also one strange fact (and I know I will frighten one person with that):
I know around 95% of the played tracks. :-)

All in all a great show with really fantastic songs. Thanks also to the anchorman (-woman?). ;-) And I stay tuned for the second show of you!

Nice weekend to all of you outside there. Enjoy youre life! You have got only one...

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Sat Oct 28 22:22:08 CEST 2006

note.png Electronic Music

Hm. I guess I know why some people like electronic music. Okay, nevertheless it's a genre like any other genre. But today I listen to some of my songs (soul, pop and so on) and I saw myself singing.

Then I asked myself what the electronic people would do in this case. I mean, simply they cannot sing together with their songs. So I guess they would move their heads up and down so that they can feel the vibes more clearly.

Of course this kind of listening to music is more friendly to the community (the people who live next to you, or behind your door*g*) than singing together with your songs. ... I guess you get my point. ;-)

So I should listen to electronic music more often. The people who live together with me on the floor would thank me.

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Tue Sep 26 08:59:11 CEST 2006

music.png Pimp my Rights

I read about the try to boycott music industry with a CD named Pimp my Rights. This is a project of the CCC Regensburg.

The CD contains only music released under a license of the Creative Commons. The styles are very different. You've got hiphop, chillout, punk rock, electro, pop and some more. The CD is free available on the server of the CCCR and you are allowed to (re)distribute it.

Because of the Popkomm members of the CCC shared the medium on streets to people. The goal is to show that there exists also a free part beside the commercial music industry which fights against the consumers. Furthermore free doesn't mean bad here - it's very good music and nice vibes.

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Sun Aug 6 21:10:21 CEST 2006


I had a look at the website of Pumpanickle and figured out that they played together with Pechmarie in Berlin.

Pechmarie is one of the final bands of the plugin festival. It is a rock/pop band with really nice melodies - really sweet vibes.

Great sound!

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Sat Jun 3 21:27:45 CEST 2006


I've read something about the popnutten long time ago. It was okay but nothing I must have a look at. Then today while reading spreeblick I saw again the link to the popnutten (which are powered by the same publisher as spreeblick).

So I give them a chance and had a look at their blog. It was not as bad as I thought. Furthermore I was really suprised about the (free) music there. Something of it are really able to be listend to.

I think I will add the popnutten to my favourit blogs. :-)

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Thu May 18 23:30:27 CEST 2006

Free Music

Free music for Free people; right?

Currently I'm listening to some tracks of myownmusic - a powerfull community portal which features free interprets. If you go there, you see a huge listing of free tracks... and many of them are lovely and great.

But before I go sleeping I'll listen to a Zerinnerung's track - Christian Paduraru - The Autumn Breeze Session. Great track!

So good night everybody and if you have got any other free tracks for me, write a comment plz. :-)

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Mon Mar 27 19:28:43 CEST 2006


Yesterday I searched a little bit around of free music. So I had a look at the last ChaosRadio show. They played there - Pumpanickle - Hero of the Day.

The sound was really crazy, but very nice and I decided to download some more songs of this music group. You should have a try, too. ;-)


Playing MPEG stream from Pumpanickle - From Me to You.mp3 ...
My absolutly favourit song of Pumpanickle at the moment. Please go on guys!

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Thu Feb 9 23:52:13 CET 2006

todays podcast and "Free Culture"

Today I listened once more to the podcast(s) of spreeblick.com. The podcast of $today was about "rubish" containing in the end the sound of birds (within a normal evening in Kreuzberg).

"Die grossten Kritiker der Elche waren frueher selber welche." - with this quotation the podcast begins - followed by a short reference to Jonny's interview on FRITZ.

The whole interview can be found on Spreeblick, too. It's about the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy and the freedom of speech in general.

The other news of the day I found on ProLinux about a new book of Lawrence Lessig, "Freie Kultur - Wesen und Zukunft der Kreativität"

OpenSourcePress wrote about it that it is a book about the creativity and about the media in our current culture and about the wishes of the industry.
The author, Lawrence Lessig, owns the FSF-Awards 2002, founded the Creative Commons and is professor of law on the Stanford Law School.

Then: Good night!

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Tue Jan 17 23:31:59 CET 2006

Schiller's Music

My mp3-decoder says now:
"Playing MPEG stream from Schiller Mit Heppner - Dream Of You.mp3 ..."
I know it is very old, but if you know Schiller, you also know, this kind of music is never too old.

"Playing MPEG stream from Schiller mit Thomas D - Die Nacht.mp3 ..."
The perfect music to forget the past few hours, cool down and just relax - even if the lyrics are in German, it is great for everybody to feel the vibes of it.

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