Mon Dec 1 19:41:53 CET 2008


Currently my blogging queue is a little bit huge, but my time is inverse proportional. Nevertheless was my presentation about Singularity some weeks ago.
It's a Microsoft research project with the main point of security, and not of performance.
There you've got the concepts of the so called Software Isolated Processeses (SIP). You need the MMU only for one huge address space so you save a lot by doing a context switch.
Again: You do the process isolation only in software and not in hardware any more.
That's why there are a lot of things which aren't allowed now: for example plugins and shared memory communication.

In the next months I will publish a short paper 'bout Singularity. I do this for university, so don't call me a Microsoft guy. The whole arrangement is about secure operating systems.
At least it's a very interesting start point to think about security.

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Sun Oct 26 02:02:19 CEST 2008

hex.png Pixel Fuzzing

Some days ago I watched a talk of Dan Kaminsky about Pixel Fuzzing and the Bioinformatic Bindiff. It was a talk on the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress.

It's about how you can make hex data visible and how you will be able to remember them. That's a nice idea if your ssh doesn't tell you the fingerprint of another host but print it visually. It is possible when you turn on VisualHostKey yes in OpenSSH >=5.1.

Enjoy the talk. :-)

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