Sat Mar 18 22:05:14 CET 2006

demonstration in my town

I was about eleven o'clock on my way to my work and saw in front of the city hall a demonstration. I saw about 30 people with at least three posters. On them were messages against the "social coldness".

Ca. 2 metres away from the demonstration there were two cars of the police with at least three police officers. They had a critical view of the demonstration.

For the short notices, in my town live around 42.765 inhabitants on an area of 89,32 km^2.

All in all, I don't believe that the people who demonstrated there were agreesive or unpolite against the police officers. All in all it seemed to be a happy event with music (Nena - Wunder geschehen e.g.) and some political statements - No reason to 'control' their freedom of speech, I think.

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Mon Mar 6 23:08:55 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days - After-Treatment

Hello guys outside of my computer...

Today I worked on the after-treatment of the Chemnitzer Linux Days.
I signed all PGP keys and uploaded them to the key servers. After it I installed my new gallery and uploaded the pictures of the event.

Update 2006-03-07:

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Sun Mar 5 12:22:01 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days - 2. Day

Hello guys...
I am now on the Chemnitzer Linux Days, second day.

Yesterday, I met Venty here, because of Symlink. It was really fun, because I read him only and now I know him in real life. Really cool. :-)

But the presentations aren't bad, too. I listen to a presentation about our security on the Internet (TOR project) and before to Joerg Schilling.
Yesterday, there were really cool presentations about GPLv3 and the morality of free software.

Update@home: I'm sorry for not naming all of the Symlink people. But it was also cool to met XTaran for the first time.
The Symlink guys are really nice and cool. So thanks to all of them for the great time in Chemnitz and please go on (maybe we will meet each other on other events one more time ;)).

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Thu Mar 2 21:52:54 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days 2006

Hello everybody.
This is my last blog entry before I'll go to the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2006.

Today I prepared everything for the event and now I think that I am done.
So if you want to meet me or something like that, please contact me there. ;-)

And now, have a great weekend, not too much work (hopefully), and we will see us back on monday.

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Fri Jan 27 21:32:50 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2006

Hello everybody out there. Hopefully you all had a better day than I had today, but nevertheless there is always one positiv point.

Since today you can find on the website of the Chemnitzer Linux Tage the official list of the presentations.
I had a quick look at it, and there are some presentations, which could be really funny - e.g.
"GPL 3.0 - Die neue Lizenz fr freie Software"
"Nutzer motivieren - oder: Warum der BOFH (fast) nicht lustig ist"
and many more. :-)

Two other points I realized there are the Linux Nacht / Night and the search for ways to Chemnitz.

Update: I created my personal presentation list.
If you are living in my area and if you are interested in the CLT as well, feel free to contact me.

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Sat Jan 14 10:25:38 CET 2006

Trip to the Autostadt (Wolfsburg)

Yesterday was my first day of holiday and I was on a trip to the (so called) Autostadt in the middle of Wolfsburg.

I was there because someone of my family got a new car and I was interested to see the Autostadt. But it was really fun because of the museum and the Volkswagen's shops and of course because of the many new cars there.

Another interested point was that the majority of the new cars where black or gray. The colerfull years are over I think.

You can see the pictures of my trip on Enjoy it.

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