Sun Sep 28 13:18:02 CEST 2008


Strange. Sometimes I wish that my life has got breakpoints. I wish that I can return to a previously declared position. I can hold and wait - do nothing - time stands still -
then go on. Go to another breakpoint. Take time you need, take time to think, take time to relax.

Why are our lives so fast? Why is everything so hectically? Why don't we have some time for ourselves?
It was nice to have this "one hour breakpoint" yesterday. There was nothing to do - only sit down and think - think and be sad.

Sad, because time flees. Nothing is like yesterday. I would hope that I have used my time intensely. But I don't think so. Time overtook me somehow. Can I rewind time? Can I spend more time with important things (important for me, for my life, not for buisness or 'cause I had to do it)?

I feel sad - sad and lonely.

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