Mon Sep 8 19:21:24 CEST 2008

fish.png Majorca Holidays

After a few days I would like to write a little bit about my holidays on Majorca. I was there together with my girlfriend for 7 days. We travelled through the island and visited some beautiful parts.

Our start point was the airport Berlin-Tegel. We flew via Air Berlin. It's interesting that this airline flies over 380 times to Palma de Mallorca per week.

We visited for example the Coves del Drac, Botanicactus, La Seu (Cathedral located in Palma) and many more. We also drove a lot per bus across the island and per railway from Palma to Soller. We saw a lot of orange and olive trees.

We've got a nice hotel in Cala d'Or. It was small, clean and awesome. In the small town were a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops.

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