Sun Jul 27 22:23:04 CEST 2008

Return to tomorrow

Can somebody please show me the return button of life? Somehow I would like to skip my current life and return to the beginning. Maybe I would do some things again, but maybe I would change something.

Somehow I lost my priorities. Somehow I don't know what is importand and what isn't. Somehow I lost myself.
Is a passed exam important? Friendship? Realtionship? Education? Joy? Fun? Tomorrow could change everything. What should I do today if there wouldn't be a tomorrow? Should I learn? Should I go out and enjoy the nature? Feel the world? Meet some friends? What?

There will be tomorrow. There will be tomorrow almost always. Why should I take time to do joyfull things? Why should I wait until tomorrow? Why shouldn't I wait?

Will be tomorrow the same if we take our time to do useful things or would it change if we waste it with hanging around? What if we change? What is if the world around us changed? Will we ever notice?

It is a strange feeling. Some time ago I've got fears. Now there are only empty feelings. My head is empty.

Tomorrow is a different day. (I'm not ready.)

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