Sun May 18 04:24:34 CEST 2008

loudspeaker.png 6th newcomer festival

Yesterday I was on the 6th newcomer festival in Ilmenau called VORSICHT! Band. It was a very loud event.
There were a lot of students, known faces and other rock people. The styles of the bands differed a lot. They played rock, hip hop, funky styles and many more on three stages. We all had a lot of fun and danced all the time. The bands rocked the house (ehm, our cafeteria ;))

My absolut favourite was the band Good Mourning. They come from Erfurt and played a good mix of low and loud accords. The female voice was really nice. The band got the second jury award.

After the festival we went to the BD club because the bhc closed because of to less people. So a lot of people celebrated the aftershow party in the BD. It was very very hot there. But we had fun nevertheless.

All in all a great night, too. And now after the long day, time to sleep for me.

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