Fri Jun 1 22:02:04 CEST 2007

humans.png 10 days ISWI

Today started the ISWI (International Student Week in Ilmenau)[*] 2007. It's an event with lots of presentations about global topics. For example Matthias Platzeck will talk about school, university and the profession.
The topic of this year is Time to think. The ISWI is also a good place to get in touch with other nations and find new friends.

The HSF (Hochschulfunk) will send ISWIradio 24 hours per day live. It's like a little marathon for the technique and the human beings. The timetable is filled with a lot of interesting shows about the whole ISWI and nice music for every hour.

iSTUFF (Ilmenauer Studentenfernsehfunk) will present the ISWISION like every year.

Both shows (ISWIradio and ISWISION) could also be received over the new technology DVB-T on place 23. It's a project of the FeM (Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.). You could also have a look at the whole timetable to find your favourite shows.

Hopefully you enjoy your time and the ISWI and have a lot of fun. :-)

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