Tue May 22 22:34:16 CEST 2007

unknown.png Haskell: Advantages

At the end of our Haskell excurs I would like to list some advantages of this really nice functional language.

  • You can write mathematical functions in Haskell in the same way like you did before.
  • In the end everything is a function.
  • The lazy evaluation is a really nice feature because you can write undefined values for example into lists and can evaluat the rest nevertheless. That can helps you in any case because the values are not calculated before you really need them.
  • You can proof any function in Haskell really fast because it bases of mathematical functions. So you can make induction (of the structure) on the base.
  • The input and output is handled through monads. But in my opinion we lost some advantages of the functionality with input/output because we must define when it should happens, so it is iterative somehow.
  • You can write your own data types and put it into the default classes easily. For example you can compare "Monday" with "Thursday" and Haskell will tell you that it's bigger (if you put your data type weekday into Ord).
  • Another feature of Haskell is the possibility to use list comprehensions to creat a list based on existing lists.
  • And you can use the lamda calculus to use functions without giving them explicit names. So it's easier to handle big formulas.

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Sat May 5 02:31:00 CEST 2007

Fears and Importance

Yesterday and today I thought a lot of importance. What is important to us? Sure the realistic people could answer: oxygen, food, drings, ..., society, nature, ... work, money - maybe a relationship, a house/flat, childrens. What else could be important? Joy, fun, friends, parties, music, books, movies, entertainment...

I believe the list could be infinite. But what is really important to me? There are a few things I guess: friendship, love, help, freedom (maybe this list could become infinite, too, if I thought longer about it). So if I think of my life like the sum of my important things every thing there is as important as the other ones. But what will happen if suddenly one becomes more important than the others? Are the others then really less important?

If you have got fun in doing something or if you feel that something is right (in a special moment) why shouldn't you do this just because you think it could get too import while doing this? Sure there could be fear about the importance of something. But it's a pitty if there are only fears in the end and no joy, no fun, no other important things.

I still don't believe that my life is only the sum of things. There are still emotions, feelings, dreams and much more. I think everything is important but sure every importance can differ in priority.
It's always important to see the people behind those facts. They have got lives, too, maybe different point of views and different hopes and fears but you should respect their opinions nevertheless.

Don't let fear control our lives.

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