Tue Apr 3 18:31:59 CEST 2007

Fears and Present

Sometimes there is fear - there is anger - there is hope - there is optimism - there is disappointment - there are wishes, there are dreams - there is reality.

Our life includes such situations, such feelings, such... ways of thinking. But isn't there more? Isn't it worth to live for more? For more positive feelings, for more positive situations, for more.... more life! More fun. More joy. More time where we can be happy together. More sunny days.

Yes, I believe that it is worth to live for that. But there are still the negative emotions - there is still fear. You shouldn't let fear be the central point of your life. Those situations where you have got fear for are those situations that will definitly happen when you let fear control your life.

There is only one way where everything will go to if you let fear control you - into nothing. Into the end. Into death. ...

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