Wed Mar 28 19:33:46 CEST 2007

surveillance.png CR122: Bundestrojaner

Chaosradio 122 today presents a show about the "Bundestrojaner". There will be a discussion about our civil rights, privacy and about the decision of the federal court of justice (BGH).

At the studio will be Frank Rieger, Constanze Kurz, Thorsten Schröder. The show will start on 22:00 MESZ. You can listen to it via Fritz or the other offical streams. You can also contribute via the chaosradio-wiki.

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Wed Mar 14 21:07:19 CET 2007

wine.png Pi Day

Today (2007-03-14) it's the Pi Day. If you were a strong Pi fan you could celebrate this day on 1:59pm (commonly known as 'Pie Minute') just because Pi is rounded out to five decimal places - 3.14159 there.
There exist also an official Pi Day website where you could also submit a comment why you love Pi.

Never forget to mention that today it's also Albert Einstein's birthday.

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Sat Mar 10 19:17:26 CET 2007

To be the best

These days I thought a little bit about the meaning of life. Are we only here to be the best? To be prosper? To have got success?
What do we need there for? How do you judge me? What do you need there for? Are only my results important to judge me?

I think there is much more. I've done a lot of work at the same time I should have done some other important things. Okay, that's my problem -- but am I a worse guy - only because those facts?
I know that a lot of things went some how wrong in the last months, but I cannot change the past (I know that's obviously).

I am not that kind of human beeing that only works for himself/herself. Almost always I try to help some parts of the society or some other projects or ... what ever you call them.
I also know that sometimes I lose a lot of time while relaxing or only sitting there and think about my life. But those actions are also important for human beeins, I believe.

I know that I have to live with my decissions, with my failures, with my actions -- but I also know that I have to do some things right, to pass them.
I am only as good as people judge me. Not my results are important, but the work I've done beside the work I was supposed to do. I hope somebody will notice that, and that at sometime people will care about those facts also.

Have also a look at xkcd 230 about this topic. :-)

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Sat Mar 3 13:18:19 CET 2007

Chemnitzer Linux Days

Hello guys. Like last year, I am at Chemnitz these days. There are Linux Days.
In the morning was a nice presentation of Joerg Schilling about his libfind and before this a talk about Eclipse.

Chemnitz is as nice as last year. Lots of known faces here, awesome ln -s place and Google has got nice girls, who present this company. ;-) Maybe I'll got a photo of them.

So I'll enjoy my day and see you all l8er. Nice day. My CLT pictures are now available (see also).

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Thu Mar 1 12:33:37 CET 2007

video.png The Good Shepherd

On Tuesday I watched together with Astrid The Good Shepherd at the cinema in Erfurt. It was amazing.

The seats there were really really awesome. The movie is about the history, repective the beginnings, of the CIA. There is a really young CIA agent which is involved in different operations - for example the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1961. And about his love to some women and to his son, who also go the CIA later.

It's a movie about the deal with information and disinformation; about the truth, the trust; about friendship and enemy.
And about how this special CIA agent (called "mother" by the Russians) handles this big game.

The movie is really worth to be seen.

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