Sun Dec 31 14:31:39 CET 2006

Summary of 2006

To be honest, yesterday I thought of how to write this last entry for the year 2006. I could write a summary of the 175 blog entries since the 13th January, where I started to write blog entries. I could also summarize my personal favorites of the year 2006 or describe my year - my projects, my highlights and my milestones.

But I don't know if anyone of you could ever be interested in such an entry. So I think I should be prepared with new stories, new things and new information for the year 2007.

I also want to thank all people which touch me or my soul in this year, which help me out in every situation of life, which give me technical advices and which are there for me.

Happy new year! And let 2007 be YOUR year!

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