Wed Dec 27 14:03:07 CET 2006

How much truth?

How much truth is good for a human beeing? How much truth is good for you and me?

I miss you. - how many times should I tell you this until you believe me? And how many times does it take until you think I'm telling you the truth?
But what is the truth? The sentence itself? I don't think so. The truth is the feeling I have got while telling you Hey! I'm still missing you!.
But do we like the naked truth? I don't know.

I think the truth can hurt us as long as we have got emotions/feelings with it. I think some sentences I cannot say as often as I would like to say: I like you very much and I don't want to lose you.

But at some point I should only shut up and keep waiting. I know you are worth it.

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