Mon Nov 27 08:21:39 CET 2006

!.png Downtime nanofortnight

Yesterday there was a downtime of The logs said that the server was unavailable between 2006-11-26-05:17 and 2006-11-26-09:18:42. It doesn't look like a hard disk failure but like a lose of power. But there isn't any information provided by the ISP...

Our smokeping says that nanofortnight was later on between 09:00 and 10:00 also not available. The logs look like there was no link available on eth0 in this periode of time. But no information about this either.

Nanofortnight is now syncing its raid disks and I am really happy that the server came up again after the power failure.

Services which are not affected by this were IRC, DNS and mail/mailman. Thanks again to the forkbomb guys for the redundant support. :-)

Update: All information of the ISP. (German edition)

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