Mon Nov 6 08:22:19 CET 2006

woman.png Logserver vs. Girlfriend

I don't know if you know, but I work for the FeM on a central logserver. It's not a huge project. I should realise that every server/client at the FeM net could log on that logserver. Furthermore the logserver should look into the log files and then warn the admin, if him's server/client did strange things.

At some time I compared this logserver and a girlfriend. I figured out that Florian seted up a Debian virtual machine in a few days. It runs very stable, it's connectable all the time and I have got a lot of fun with it.
But what about a girlfriend?

You need a lot of time to find a girl and you never know if she's the right one. Then the girl isn't connectable all the time by you, and sometimes you will have got a huge delay in her responses. Furthermore the relationship to her can change very fast...

I prefer the logserver this time. ;-)

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