Mon Nov 27 08:21:39 CET 2006

!.png Downtime nanofortnight

Yesterday there was a downtime of The logs said that the server was unavailable between 2006-11-26-05:17 and 2006-11-26-09:18:42. It doesn't look like a hard disk failure but like a lose of power. But there isn't any information provided by the ISP...

Our smokeping says that nanofortnight was later on between 09:00 and 10:00 also not available. The logs look like there was no link available on eth0 in this periode of time. But no information about this either.

Nanofortnight is now syncing its raid disks and I am really happy that the server came up again after the power failure.

Services which are not affected by this were IRC, DNS and mail/mailman. Thanks again to the forkbomb guys for the redundant support. :-)

Update: All information of the ISP. (German edition)

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Wed Nov 22 06:22:50 CET 2006

java.png BC Cafe

Yesterday I went after meal together with MuFFin into the BC Cafe. It was a nice atmosphere. There weren't too many people, there were candles and the places where you can sit on very were soft and awesome.

I had got a hot chocolate and MuFFin a coffee. Short time later our Captain joins us and we had got a little discussion about everything and how the whole world works. :-)

It was very good and the right place simply to relax and cool down - think about everything but the girls - and enjoy your life. The music they played was something like Trance or ...

Enjoy your day and have a lot of fun!

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Mon Nov 13 08:08:01 CET 2006

gallery.png Pictures of Studying

I've added some pictures of my studies to my gallery.

These pictures include also those about the demonstration in Erfurt against the costs of studying.

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Thu Nov 9 01:56:23 CET 2006

Minimal Clubbing

It was a wonderful night. I was with Astrid in the bc club and they played there minimalist music - very electronic. The sound was nice and the vibes minimal.

But there was some space for a conversation, too. The places where you could sit on were very cool and fit my best imaginations.

I only want to thank Astrid for that great evening. Thanks that you are there for me all the time... I like you very much.

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Mon Nov 6 08:22:19 CET 2006

woman.png Logserver vs. Girlfriend

I don't know if you know, but I work for the FeM on a central logserver. It's not a huge project. I should realise that every server/client at the FeM net could log on that logserver. Furthermore the logserver should look into the log files and then warn the admin, if him's server/client did strange things.

At some time I compared this logserver and a girlfriend. I figured out that Florian seted up a Debian virtual machine in a few days. It runs very stable, it's connectable all the time and I have got a lot of fun with it.
But what about a girlfriend?

You need a lot of time to find a girl and you never know if she's the right one. Then the girl isn't connectable all the time by you, and sometimes you will have got a huge delay in her responses. Furthermore the relationship to her can change very fast...

I prefer the logserver this time. ;-)

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Wed Nov 1 22:52:58 CET 2006

java.png Hating Java

This is a story about hating Java. If you like Java, stop reading! It's the story about my personal try to get on a Gentoo based PPC machine Java to run.

Firstly, I searched for the JDK (Java Developer Kit) on Sun's java page and IBM's page. Simply they have got no binaries for PPC. You may ask you why I searched for binaries? That's why Java is not free software so I've got no chance to compile anything.

Then I've got a look at the Gentoo ebuilds for the JDKs and figured out why they are masked. Simply, it doesn't exist any PPC binary, so the ebuilds only download x86 and amd64 ones. No surprise.

Secondly, I imaged a free alternative: Blackdown. I even saw that they had got no PPC binary for the latest version(s). But I downloaded the JDK-1.3.0 tarball. And then I tried to execute some binary stuff of it. That seems to work well - let's try the IDE.

I decided to have a try with Eclipse. You must notice that Eclipse was written in Java and it's an IDE for almost everything. I tried to get the installer run:

platinum-iridium eclipse # /tmp/j2sdk1.3/bin/java -Xms40m -Xmx256m -jar \ 
/tmp/eclipse/./startup.jar -os linux -ws gtk -arch ppc \ 
-launcher /tmp/eclipse/./eclipse -name Eclipse -showsplash \ 
600 -exitdata 280007 -vm /tmp/j2sdk1.3/bin/java \ 
-vmargs -Xms40m -Xmx256m -jar /tmp/eclipse/./startup.jar
/tmp/j2sdk1.3/bin/ppc/native_threads/java: relocation error:
symbol __libc_wait, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined 
in file with link time reference

You see my problem? My JDK is much older than my latest GNU C Library. What the hell?

But what could be the alternatives? GCJ? GNU Classpath? But Eclipse needs the JDK(!) and the development of an Eclipse installation based on GCJ and GNU Classpath is very alpha... If someone could help - please let me know... (but any hint with proprietary software or emulation will be ignored ;-))

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