Sat Oct 28 22:22:08 CEST 2006

note.png Electronic Music

Hm. I guess I know why some people like electronic music. Okay, nevertheless it's a genre like any other genre. But today I listen to some of my songs (soul, pop and so on) and I saw myself singing.

Then I asked myself what the electronic people would do in this case. I mean, simply they cannot sing together with their songs. So I guess they would move their heads up and down so that they can feel the vibes more clearly.

Of course this kind of listening to music is more friendly to the community (the people who live next to you, or behind your door*g*) than singing together with your songs. ... I guess you get my point. ;-)

So I should listen to electronic music more often. The people who live together with me on the floor would thank me.

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