Wed Oct 25 17:56:41 CEST 2006

!.png Prejudice of cs

In these days I hate prejudices of computer science. Who are computer scientists? Are they humans like you? Of course! So why do the mass think that we are crazy people, who never go out and only sit down in a dark room and program senseless stuff which is only used by other computer scientists? That's simply not true.

Do we have got less friends than everybody else? Maybe. But is that the way you should judge about a human being? Is a computer scientist less worth to be loved?

Maybe the freaks are crazy and totally mad, maybe the nerds have got less social contacts - maybe... But don't list our bad faces. What can we do for you? And, even more important, what can you do for us?

So please stop laughing at us, stop whispering, don't quarrel with us about our studies or about our philosophies. Accept us as normal human beings. And forget your prejudices...

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