Fri Oct 13 22:37:16 CEST 2006

calc.png Math Lecture

Yesterday were some math lectures (1, 2) on my time table. It was a little bit strange to get some facts about our mathematically universe twice - but it was okay. We learned some old facts about sets and functions.

After English I had got some free time today, so I decided to join Astrid's math lectures this morning as well. There the students learned some facts about the basic sets, too, but then also some new facts about how to solve the term: x^2 = -1 ; x = +/- sqrt(-1).

The solution is to define some new numbers - the complex numbers. There you have got the term: x^2 = -1 ; x = +/- i. It was quite cool to listen to the professor and just sit down next to a wonderful person. *gg*

Because of the hint of StevenR (an EE) I would like to make clear that it is j because of the confusion with a changing current, not i. ;-)

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