Fri Sep 22 18:49:27 CEST 2006

humans.png FlirtParty

20 o'clock will start a Flirting Party in my town. I received a mail of an admin of therefore.

The location is named LINUX and there is LAN access. Hopefully it will be a little bit funny.

Update 00:25: It was a crazy party. There were 20-30 people in the age around 20,30. The girls came with their friends, so there wasn't any chance to get in touch with one. On the other hand the guys were too mainstream to find any topic. And the freaks there were too much... freak. You see? :-/ And the computer run Win(tm) XP and not LINUX. :'(

But I like such an evening in the real world. It's different from anything else. You have got time for yourself and you feel something (boring?). One of the female waiters was really sweet and very sympathetic.

All in all a nice evening/night in the real world. And I like the walks through my town and through the night very much... but I don't feel mainstream now. Strange.

Please have also a look at the pictures of the event - for non-members I added a location here. All pictures are copyrighted by 'Singlefinder' on (see LICENSE).

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