Mon Sep 18 22:35:25 CEST 2006

A.png NB-Icon-Feature

Did you ever think about how you can make your blog (powered by nanoblogger) more stylistic? Maybe with some set of icons? Maybe you want to show an icon next to your title to describe it more visually? :-)

I wrote yesterday and today on a little patch for nanoblogger to get the icons next to my titles. It wasn't so easy and it isn't not cleanly implemented and maybe a little bit to brute forced, but at least it works for me[tm].

I wrote some nb-icon-features.patch and a new /usr/share/nanoblogger/plugins/entry/ for the nanoblogger. In addition I had to set a variable

to work for my blog, because all of my icons are stored in the directory noia under my weblog directory in the blog.conf.

In your templates entry.htm,parmalink_entry.htm you need only to change

<h3 class="title">$NB_EntryTitle</h3>
<h3 class="title">$NB_EntryIconAddr $NB_EntryTitle</h3>

And hopefully everything will work fine.

Enjoy your new nanoblogger and stay interested!

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