Thu Sep 14 15:50:56 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_proxy.png Street Festival

Yesterday was the second wednesday in September - so it was time for the street festival of the pro vita Academy Nordhausen.

I saw there some old friends and a lot of sweet girls. But also a lot of pregnant women, who weren't too much older than I am. And there were a lot of little childrens, who belong to the pupils (I am unwilling to call them students ;-)). It was really strange. Can you imagine that I could be a father right now? I cannot!

The program wasn't better than the girls who made it. I remember some art festival which was really cool, but which has got a real higher niveau than the program I saw yesterday. But that doesn't suprise me much.

I hate prejudice but I even more hate when they come true.

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