Sat Sep 30 01:53:48 CEST 2006

cam.png First Photo

I found an interesting photo today on the website of the local club here in my town. You can see on the photo the girl I talked several times in this blog.

She is the right one - . o O (the right one for me? *gg*). She is very sexy, lovely and sweet, I really missed her - somehow. :-/

I believe in her nevertheless. Please go your way and be successful! See you in the real world, too, Melanie!

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Wed Sep 27 09:16:12 CEST 2006

wine.png GNU's birthday

Happy Birthday GNU!

Richard Stallman announced the GNU project to develop a free Unix-like operating system on 27th September 1983. So we celebrate the 23rd birthday today.

If you would like c'mon and join #gnu on freenode and have some fun with us. :-)

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Tue Sep 26 08:59:11 CEST 2006

music.png Pimp my Rights

I read about the try to boycott music industry with a CD named Pimp my Rights. This is a project of the CCC Regensburg.

The CD contains only music released under a license of the Creative Commons. The styles are very different. You've got hiphop, chillout, punk rock, electro, pop and some more. The CD is free available on the server of the CCCR and you are allowed to (re)distribute it.

Because of the Popkomm members of the CCC shared the medium on streets to people. The goal is to show that there exists also a free part beside the commercial music industry which fights against the consumers. Furthermore free doesn't mean bad here - it's very good music and nice vibes.

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Mon Sep 25 23:56:28 CEST 2006

text.png H4x0r Law (2)

Several people discussed the law text today. I would like to link some statements here (all in German).

Then... good night Germany.

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Mon Sep 25 23:09:45 CEST 2006

sysmonitor.png GKrellM vs. Conky

Today I fired WindowMaker and installed fluxbox which is based on blackbox. Then I thought about which program I should use to watch my system activities.
There are two choices currently: GKrellM or Conky.

GKrellM (GNU/GTK Krell Monitors/Meters) uses the GIMP Toolkit, so it needs some more system resources. It has got a fancy configuration window where you can edit everything on your own with one click. Because it's in its own window you can display it above all others - nice option.

Conky is a small monitor which uses some command line tools and some X libs. It can display itself to the root window or can also be run in windowed mode or write to stdout (conky FAQ). The configuration is handled by ~/.conkyrc. It's not very complicated but very complex - you should have a look at some screenshots and modify their configurations to fit your imaginations. The Gentoo Conky Howto is also a good point to start.

In the end Conky is very flexible and very configurable but because it's defaultly in the root window makes it unsympathic. GKrellM is very static and somehow unflexible. But I prefer Conky nevertheless because of its possibility to display huge information at once.

09/26/06 03:01  ( Conky: Lightweight system monitoring:
Do you believe in randomness?

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Sun Sep 24 23:02:27 CEST 2006

java.png Java: Hello World

Today I tried to compile my first Hello World program in Java with the help of the GCJ (GNU Compiler for Java).

At first I've looked at the Hello World java page of the Wikipedia and then wrote the file:

sebastian@nanofortnight ~ $ cat
public class HelloNewWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello New World!");

After this I began with the compilation:

sebastian@nanofortnight ~ $ gcj -c -g -O; \
     gcj --main=HelloNewWorld -o HelloNewWorld HelloNewWorld.o
sebastian@nanofortnight ~ $ ./HelloNewWorld
Hello New World!

It is unimaginable how long it took to start the simple program...

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Fri Sep 22 18:49:27 CEST 2006

humans.png FlirtParty

20 o'clock will start a Flirting Party in my town. I received a mail of an admin of therefore.

The location is named LINUX and there is LAN access. Hopefully it will be a little bit funny.

Update 00:25: It was a crazy party. There were 20-30 people in the age around 20,30. The girls came with their friends, so there wasn't any chance to get in touch with one. On the other hand the guys were too mainstream to find any topic. And the freaks there were too much... freak. You see? :-/ And the computer run Win(tm) XP and not LINUX. :'(

But I like such an evening in the real world. It's different from anything else. You have got time for yourself and you feel something (boring?). One of the female waiters was really sweet and very sympathetic.

All in all a nice evening/night in the real world. And I like the walks through my town and through the night very much... but I don't feel mainstream now. Strange.

Please have also a look at the pictures of the event - for non-members I added a location here. All pictures are copyrighted by 'Singlefinder' on (see LICENSE).

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Fri Sep 22 08:14:55 CEST 2006

text.png H4x0r Law

I read yesterday via a blog entry of Fefe about the new law text (heise story), which was created (but not released yet) in Germany about hacker tools.

The new law is about "protection of hackers, data security and computer sabotage". Furthermore it makes clear that hacking is a crime. In addition the creation, (re)distribution or usage of hacker tools is not allowed. (full law text)

I don't believe that we will get more privacy or our human rights back, because of such laws. They are pointless.

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Wed Sep 20 23:56:41 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_wp.png Registered Commons

Opensource Press released Free Culture (German edition) into the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 License. That's what they said on the Wizards of OS 4 in Berlin.

Free Culture is also the first work which was registred at the Registered Commons. It's the try to create a database where free works will be listed. You can add there your work and your authorsip.

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Tue Sep 19 21:58:49 CEST 2006

identification.png Trip to IL

I traveled today to Ilmenau to sign up my rental agreement for my flat in house A.

Furthermore I went to the city hall to tell them that I will live there for the next years.

Beside that the walk through the town was really lovely. I think it's a good place to study there. :-)

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Mon Sep 18 22:35:25 CEST 2006

A.png NB-Icon-Feature

Did you ever think about how you can make your blog (powered by nanoblogger) more stylistic? Maybe with some set of icons? Maybe you want to show an icon next to your title to describe it more visually? :-)

I wrote yesterday and today on a little patch for nanoblogger to get the icons next to my titles. It wasn't so easy and it isn't not cleanly implemented and maybe a little bit to brute forced, but at least it works for me[tm].

I wrote some nb-icon-features.patch and a new /usr/share/nanoblogger/plugins/entry/ for the nanoblogger. In addition I had to set a variable

to work for my blog, because all of my icons are stored in the directory noia under my weblog directory in the blog.conf.

In your templates entry.htm,parmalink_entry.htm you need only to change

<h3 class="title">$NB_EntryTitle</h3>
<h3 class="title">$NB_EntryIconAddr $NB_EntryTitle</h3>

And hopefully everything will work fine.

Enjoy your new nanoblogger and stay interested!

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Sun Sep 17 19:56:37 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_xfmail.png Muttrc

Today I tried to work on my configuration of mutt. At first, I read the manual page of mutt and then its documentation.

I tried to get everything running as easy as on But I figured out that Debian seems to use a different default config (no, I don't mean /etc/mutt/Muttrc!) than Gentoo. It's annoying. But then I looked at the Gentoo resources about the Muttrc. That was a very good point to start. The Muttrc there together with the documentation - a wonderfull combination.

So I modified something to fit my taste and then started mutt. Great look and feel - so much better than every GUI!

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Sat Sep 16 18:59:05 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_xemacs.png SoftwareFreedomDay

Symlink wrote that today is the Software Freedom Day 2006.

Several local LUGs and other organizations like Wilhelm Tux or the local KDE team celebrate this day.

An incomplete list of teams can also be found on the SFD website. Enjoy the day.

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Thu Sep 14 15:50:56 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_proxy.png Street Festival

Yesterday was the second wednesday in September - so it was time for the street festival of the pro vita Academy Nordhausen.

I saw there some old friends and a lot of sweet girls. But also a lot of pregnant women, who weren't too much older than I am. And there were a lot of little childrens, who belong to the pupils (I am unwilling to call them students ;-)). It was really strange. Can you imagine that I could be a father right now? I cannot!

The program wasn't better than the girls who made it. I remember some art festival which was really cool, but which has got a real higher niveau than the program I saw yesterday. But that doesn't suprise me much.

I hate prejudice but I even more hate when they come true.

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Tue Sep 12 16:48:02 CEST 2006

Noia_64_filesystems_exec_wine.png 25 years CCC

Almost forgotten, today it's the 25th birtday of the Chaos Computer Club. I would like to congratulate the club, and wish him all the best and that the future may become soon better for all of us.

Heise has got an article about the birthday and Tim created a ChaosRadio Express episode about the history, present and future of the CCC together with Peter Glaser.

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Tue Sep 12 12:14:41 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_staroffice.png Silence and Grief

Four years ago the world lose a wonderful person.

Today it's a day of silence and grief.
You will be always around us and we will always take you in our hearts and think of you.

"Tears are sometimes an inappropriate response to death.
When a life has been lived completely honestly,
completely successfully, or just completely,
the correct response to death's perfect punctuation mark
is a smile."
  --  Julie Burchill

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Mon Sep 11 00:08:14 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_wp.png Free Culture

Yesterday I finished reading the book Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity by Lawrence Lessig.
Lessig is the founder of the Creative Commons project, a professor on the Stanford Law School and got the FSF Award 2002.

Free Culture is about the moral rights in the USA and England, Japan and the European Union. It describes how they changed along the years and why it is (partly) bad of the congress to allow the unlimited temporary use of the moral rights.

Furthermore it explains what it means to release a work into public domain or how fair use works.
Lessig shows on brilliant examples how the law, the market, the technique and the creativity influence each other - e.g. he describes the challence between Eldred vs. Ashcroft and some more.

It is a great work to get a view inside of the federal court system based on English common, that the United States has got. It's the best book I've ever read about free culture and the way how creativity and freedom works for our society now and in the future. So it doesn't surprised me much that RMS was one of the first readers of the manuscript.

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Sun Sep 10 00:45:23 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_gimp.png Tears and Rain

Playing MPEG stream from James Blunt - Tears And Rain.mp3 ...

Sometimes I think my (random) player knows what I feel and what I am thinking about.

Today a very good friend of mine leaves the query (forever) because he must skip the contact with me. He was forced to go an other way then I'm going to go. But he has got the energy and power to manage this all.

I believe in him and wish him all the best with this blog entry. I will never forget you, too! See you later - in the real world! Have a great time!

Playing MPEG stream from Juli - Geile Zeit.mp3 ...

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Sat Sep 9 23:45:38 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_xmag.png Google engineering

I would like to support with this entry a project, which Steffen (cdp_xe) started today. He began with an empty directory an added some material which includes potential vulnerabilities -eh- I mean 404-compatible files. ;-)

He tries with this project to figure out how Google works. The logs of this "vulnerable directory" may answer him some questions about the referer of Google and Co.
The way how the search engines work should (almost) follows the "Long term searching" advice of Fravia.

The whole project was described in the blog entry of Steffen.

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Fri Sep 8 00:45:50 CEST 2006

Noia_64_mimetypes_core2.png Wishes and more

Somebody asked me some time ago what my wishes are currently. I told her that I don't know, but that wasn't what I feel everyday.
I know that I am a geek and I know that I should live with some features and bugs in my life (where every bug is a feature, I believe).
But if I can have a wish, I wouldn't like a compromise between a life as a mainstreamer and/or geek.

If I've got a wish, I would like to find someday someboday (especially a girl), which understand me and my ideology/religion - who respects me like I will always respect her - and who loves me as much as I will always love her. I know that I am an idiot to believe that such girl will ever meet me...
But if you haven't got any dreams and wishes, you will never know what you are looking for if you ever will meet "Mrs Right".

I believe in romantic and the "unconditional/real love". Call me a fool, but I think that this is really possible.

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Thu Sep 7 13:21:16 CEST 2006

Noia_64_apps_xkill.png T-Com disaster

English summery: I wasn't able to connect during the last days, because of an error of the T-Com (where I owned my aDSL). The German entry only includes some more facts why this happends. Sorry for the inconvience.

Ich bekam vor ein paar Wochen einen Anruf eines Telekom-Mitarbeiters, der mich fragte, ob ich meine DSL-1000-Leitung auf eine 2000 erhöhen wolle und eine Ersparnis im T-Online-Tarif bekommen möchte; damit würde ich dann angeblich kostengünstiger surfen können. Ich wollte jediglich ein Angebot haben und wies den Mitarbeiten explizit an nichts zu verändern an meinen Daten.

Ein paar Tage später bekam ich eine Auftragsbestätigung und eine Kündigung zugestellt. Da ich nachrechnete und feststellte das beides nicht in meinem Interesse lag, rief ich bei entsprechender Nummer an, lies mich weitervermitteln, ... und stornierte beides.

Am Montag dann hatte ich ein paar Probleme mit Modem hangup bis schliesslich um 14:00 MESZ mein Modem mit einer roten Lampe die Synkronisation aufgab. Mein Anruf bei der Störungsstelle brachte mich zur Weißglut: "Ihre Leitung wurde doch heute abgeschaltet. Eine Kündigung liegt uns vor."

Kündigung? Von mir? Ohne meine Unterschrift?
Die nette Frau von der Störungsstelle wollte sich drum bemühen, dass meine Leitung innerhalb eines Tages wieder bestehen würde. Da dies offensichtlich nicht der Fall war bemühte ich weiter die Störungsstelle, die Rechnungsstelle und den Vetrieb, am Dienstag. Man wollte mich schliesslich wieder ans Netz anschliessen - Mittwoch.

Das sind DREI Tage ohne Internet - unverschuldet! Für den Neuanschluss will die T-Com natürlich die knapp 100 EUR Neu-Einrichtungsgebühr von mir erstattet bekommen - obwohl ich für die Kündigung nichts konnte!

Fast selbstverständlich erklärte man mir dann, dass es Mittwoch nicht gehen würde und Donnerstag hieß es plötzlich es sei T-Coms Fehler, und es sollte schnellst möglich geschaltet werden. Als ich dann um 11:00 MESZ wiedermal mit der Störungsstelle sprach, schickten sie dann (endlich) einen Aussendienstmitarbeiter los, so dass um 13:00 MEZS wieder mein Internet ansprang.


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