Mon Aug 28 21:01:58 CEST 2006

Dating portal

Yesterday I searched at least two dating portals for some nice girls in the near of my town. It is very interesting what people you find there. Most of the girls hate reading a book, but have got a lot of fun with shopping and hang out with their friends. Also many of them do some sports in their freetime, and, of course go to parties.

I thought the mass will meet each other on parties or (in general) in real life. Why do they need dating portals? Some of the girls really look sweet and sexy, but I don't think that a geek could make them happy...

I searched (I know, you shouldn't search) for a girl which understand my ideology and which has got a good knowledge, no matter if she doesn't look like the mainstream.

But there exists also dating portals for geeks. The people (girls? *g*) you find there aren't in your area in the worse case....

Everything isn't as easy as possible, but hey, life's still going on. So give your best and keep trying!

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