Tue Aug 22 18:35:15 CEST 2006


Let me think about this thing called love. I don't know why I believe that I can give you some hints about this topic but I don't care (this time).

If you like a girl (much) and you don't know how she feels, and you think about her and the time with her all the day and you don't get any answer then maybe you plan to meet her (in the real world) or to write here (in the virtual world).

You write her how you feel and how much do you like her and in the end you write three letters - ILD (ich liebe dich, German) or ILU (I love u, English). Maybe she feels the same and everything gets very well.

But if she doesn't feel the same, you lose almost everything - your imagination (that she could be more than a friend for you), your happiness to be with her (because now you know what she really feels) and almost everything else (because everything will get more difficult and more 'what-can-I-do-to-make-her-love-me').

Last time with this special girl (what I described several times here) I promise myself that I will not write to her ILD||ILU. But then I was in such a situation where I felt everything for her and so wrote this three letters. She was/is cool enough to go on as usual and we were/are still very good friend, my luck, I don't want to lose her.

But I would like to give you the general hint: Do not write (in virtual reality at least) ILD||ILU, because if you don't write it you can be happy with the girl, make jokes and have fun. But if you ever wrote this, things will never be the same again, everything changed then. In the worst case you lose her as a very good friend.

So I will never write ILD||ILU if I am not 100% convinced that the girl feels the same and everything will be fine. ...

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