Mon Aug 21 00:05:37 CEST 2006

10 things I hate

Do you know this? You have got a conversation with somebody and then he/she does things which you really dislike? I would like to have a try to list some of them (things I dislike). :-)

This list is not sorted by importance.

  1. Useless questions
    Are you still there? - Why are you typing so slowly?
  2. Meta discussions or meta questions
    May I ask you something? - Are you (still) there?
  3. Senseless statements
    I think we should legalize drugs.
  4. Contextless statements
    'The sky is blue.' - 'Why?'
  5. If someone steals my time with things like 1.-4.
  6. If somebody leaves a channel/query without saying 'Good bye!' or something like that
  7. Ironic statements which aren't marked as irony (missing <irony>-tags)
  8. Hyperboles and aggressive speeches
  9. Really bad spelling and/or grammar
  10. Monologues

If you ever have got a conversation/discussion with me, please don't think that I don't have any kind of humor. ;-) The sky isn't only blue and I am tolerant enough to everybody and everything.

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