Mon Jun 5 21:06:08 CEST 2006

DSL Timeout

I was not available yesterday and some hours today, because my DSL modem lost its DSL signal. It is a Teledat 431 LAN.

While being offline I thought that I can have a try to scan my modem for open ports. I had a look at the handbook and figured out the IP address of it ( So I scanned my modem with nmap for open TCP and UDP ports. I found only one open FTP (21) port - no telnet - strange.

While beeing back online (because of some miracles), I googled along and found out that there is really an open telnet port. And the only reason why I didn't saw it was that it runs on port 64113 (a private port).

Then you can have a try to connect to your modem via telnet on this port and the password ti3rdd. After it you are able to access the firmware of the modem directly and are able to query it for some information...

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