Sun Jun 25 13:39:33 CEST 2006


If you want to create and then burn an audio CD you need WAV files. But how to convert your favourits MP3 songs?

You simply use:

mpg123 -s track.mp3 | sox -t raw -r 44100 -c 2 -s -w - track.wav
Or if you have got more than one track in this directory you want to convert:
for track in *.mp3;
    do mpg123 -v -s "$track" | \ 
    sox -t raw -r 44100 -c 2 -s -w - "$track.wav";

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Tue Jun 20 19:06:44 CEST 2006

cutest hacker

Yesterday 23:18 on #savannah:

23:18 <pbrunier> kickino: Replied to your mail about the EKS project.
23:20 <ams> pbrunier: Hi me.
23:20 <pbrunier> pbrunier: Hi pbrunier
23:20 <ams> pbrunier: Mirror mirror on the wall, 
            who is the cutest hacker of them all?
23:21 <pbrunier> ams: hmmm I'm not. You ? Or are you me ?
23:23 <ams> pbrunier: You're Maude?
23:23 <pbrunier> not sure

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Fri Jun 16 22:59:55 CEST 2006

ChangeLog with emacs

I've forgotten the shortcut for the ChangeLog function of emacs today.

 C-x 4 a 

Thanks for your interest. :-)

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Thu Jun 15 22:35:14 CEST 2006

Webcast 02

This webcast is proudly present by:

The background music is proudly present by:

Play Webcast 02 (German).

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Thu Jun 15 18:58:55 CEST 2006

Try to shut me up

Today I saw again Avril Lavigne's Try To Shut Me Up tour - Buffalo NY concert 2003 - My World (DVD).

And I still wonder how much this woman rocks the house. I can feel every of her thoughts and her feelings in her songs (even if they are a little bit old). Futhermore I love her styling, her impressions and the way she told her stories very much.

After this session I realized that everybody who loves a skater girl must be a lucky person...

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Sun Jun 11 12:21:11 CEST 2006

Webcast 01

Today it's time for my first webcast created with the help of - a nice txt2speech script (GPL). But you should notice that it's only available in German. Hopefully you enjoy it nevertheless...

Play Webcast 01.

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Sat Jun 10 11:09:28 CEST 2006

Without content

sebastian@nanofortnight:~$ fortune
hacker, n.:
Originally, any person with a knack for coercing stubborn inanimate
things; hence, a person with a happy knack, later contracted by the
mythical philosopher Frisbee Frobenius to the common usage, 'hack'.
In olden times, upon completion of some particularly atrocious body
of coding that happened to work well, culpable programmers would gather
in a small circle around a first edition of Knuth's Best Volume I by
candlelight, and proceed to get very drunk while sporadically rending
the following ditty:

Hacker's Fight Song

He's a Hack! He's a Hack!
He's a guy with the happy knack!
Never bungles, never shirks,
Always gets his stuff to work!

All take a drink (important!)

Free of any content - thanks to Toni.

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Fri Jun 9 21:47:56 CEST 2006

Regular Expressions

Today it's just another trip through the regular expressions on a PHP example. I had to replace the <input>-tags in HTML by <span>-tags because of html2pdf (which is another story *g*).

Let's begin. My <input>-tags are in the format

<input name="$NAME" value="$VARIABLE" style="margin-left:60px;">
and should be

On the first run I will replace all <input by <span:

$HMTL = ereg_replace('<input', '<span', $HTML);
After it I delete all name="$NAME" - where $NAME contains alphanumeric characters, a '_' or a space:
$HTML = ereg_replace('name="[a-z||0-9||_]*" ', '', $HTML);
Furthermore I need to remove the style=, because I don't need it in the output any more. The value of margin-left: could be only any numeric character, so I use:
$HTML = ereg_replace('style="margin-left:[0-9]+px;"', '', \$HTML);
Then I write the correct value. I devide the string into 3 parts. Part one is value=", the second part is my correct value (my regular expression) and the last part is the ending ". My value could be any alphanumeric character and the characters _ . : - and a space. After it I write the value between the <span> tags:
$HTML = 
  ereg_replace('(value=")([A-z||0-9||_||\.||:||\ ||-]*)(")', 
              '>\2</span', $HTML);
In the end I will try to set a fancy output:
$HTML = ereg_replace('<span >' , '<span>' , $HTML);
$HTML = ereg_replace('</span >', '</span>', $HTML);

In most of cases you'll need to escape the " in your ereg_replace functions (if you really use it to replace something of HTML code)...

If you want to have an additional look at something about regular expressions I suggest the manpage of awk.

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Mon Jun 5 21:06:08 CEST 2006

DSL Timeout

I was not available yesterday and some hours today, because my DSL modem lost its DSL signal. It is a Teledat 431 LAN.

While being offline I thought that I can have a try to scan my modem for open ports. I had a look at the handbook and figured out the IP address of it ( So I scanned my modem with nmap for open TCP and UDP ports. I found only one open FTP (21) port - no telnet - strange.

While beeing back online (because of some miracles), I googled along and found out that there is really an open telnet port. And the only reason why I didn't saw it was that it runs on port 64113 (a private port).

Then you can have a try to connect to your modem via telnet on this port and the password ti3rdd. After it you are able to access the firmware of the modem directly and are able to query it for some information...

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Sat Jun 3 21:27:45 CEST 2006


I've read something about the popnutten long time ago. It was okay but nothing I must have a look at. Then today while reading spreeblick I saw again the link to the popnutten (which are powered by the same publisher as spreeblick).

So I give them a chance and had a look at their blog. It was not as bad as I thought. Furthermore I was really suprised about the (free) music there. Something of it are really able to be listend to.

I think I will add the popnutten to my favourit blogs. :-)

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Fri Jun 2 23:36:18 CEST 2006

GOA - Winners

It's over now. The Grimme Online Award 2006 in the category

information goes to

knowledge and education goes to culture and entertainment goes to the price of the public goes to and last but not least - the special price goes to

Heise has got an article about the Grimma Online Award and also the Wikipedia has got one about the event and its history.

Spreeblick gets the award because it shows the possibility of the genre at best.

"Spreeblick ist kein Kunstwerk, remixt aber Versatzstücke
der Popkultur auf intelligente Weise zu etwas völlig Neuem.
Spreeblick ist kein Diskussionsforum, und doch entstehen
in den Kommentarfeldern seiner Beiträge Debatten
von besonderer Qualität."
-- comments of the jury

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Fri Jun 2 19:37:24 CEST 2006

GOA and Toni

The Grimme Online Award will be given today around 11 PM to the winners in the categories. The guys of the award nominated in the last days two further webpages - one of them is heise news.

The guys of (nominated in the category culture and entertainment) allready know that they will not win. It's a pitty, because their podcast is really good... :-/

Another highlight in the following months could be happen on focus online. Toni Mahoni will produce there comments around the WM2006 daily (sometimes with guests).

Additionally he will also make his weekly vodcast for So I think the WM could be some kind of funny nevertheless. ;-)

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