Sun May 28 01:24:44 CEST 2006


Yesterday I found another interesting tool - chsh. At the beginning of the day I thought I could change my and root's shell while editing (with emacs ;)) my /etc/passwd - but that didn't changed my login shell on a NetBSD system at least.

So I changed also my master.passwd with includes the crypted passwords but also the lines about the login shells and something more (something like the passwd and shadow file at once at GNU/Linux systems). But nothing changed...

So I undo my changes in the master.passwd file and figured out that I should have a try with chsh. This tool printed out my whole config about home directory, name, ... and the login shell - after changing the necessary parts I saved the file and restarted my session...

Now I have got my /bin/bash (/usr/pkg/bin/bash) back instead of the (also nice) /bin/ksh. :-)

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