Fri May 26 18:34:40 CEST 2006

Why RL hurts

It's just an entry about my current feelings and thoughts. I would like to meet this special girl today to search something eatable or something like that...
But it ends in one big mess. Everything began that yesterday she called me just before our date and said that she wanted to go with an other girl somewhere - 'Hey, no problem', I thought. She said that we could meet us today.

We discussed today when we will meet each other and then she asked me if her friend could go with us to the restaurant, too. Generally no problem for me, but if I should driver... and if I wanted to meet a girl, ... I was intollerant enough to said 'no'.

I said to the girl that I am not in mood and wished her a wonderfull afternoon with her friend. But now I feel very bad and thought of something that I could have done in just another way.

My only mistake was still that I liked her too much. But I know that I'll ran into nowhere with my feelings. It'll get too complicated - for a while, there weren't any problems to meet us and have a great night - but now...

Sometimes I think I don't know this girl. But that's real life - and it hurts!

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