Sun May 21 20:49:00 CEST 2006

Nexenta: The Installation

This evening I have a try with the installation of Nexenta. It was a normal, non-graphical, installation. You have got three TTYs there: the first for the installation, the second for a root-shell and the third for tetris. :-)

Everything went in the background, many questions, less (verbose) output - not funny. You have to sit down and wait all the time - then the big surprise to me:
Nexenta installed GRUB into the MBR. I didn't think that Nexenta uses GRUB as the bootmanager to boot the OpenSolaris kernel.

But at least I didn't figured out yet, why I need the boot archive to get booted. So the building process still runs...

Have a great night and I'll tell you 2morrow how Nexenta really works as a server OS. ;-)

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