Fri May 5 19:09:43 CEST 2006

MediaWiki upgrade to 1.6.5

Hello today was just another MediaWiki-Upgrade day.
I've upgraded from a 1.5.6 to a 1.6.5 version of the MediaWiki.

I've read the upgrade instructions and thought that it could be a lovely evening. Then I have got again a problem to run

$ php update.php
It said No database connection etc.pp. So I've decided to define some variables in the update.php directly.
I've wrote into the file (almost on top):
$wgDBadminuser = "root";
$wgDBadminpassword = "PASSWORD";
$wgDBname = "wikidb";

I've done the first error to use my wiki user, which has got any privileges to create new tables. So you should reconsider if you really need your root user or your wiki user...

The upgrade was done - have all a great day with your MediaWikis. ;-)
P.S.: I hate the MediaWiki's developer, because they moved from CVS to Subversion without any note and without any explenations how to update to the new repositories - really nice of them!

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