Mon Apr 24 23:10:30 CEST 2006

Year of the 'Computer Science'

Today I read the article about computer science in the german Wikipedia. Really interesting. There exist also a chapter about computer science and our society with the hint that we have got the year of the computer science 2006.

At the moment where I published this blog entry, the page about it doesn't exist and almost the half of this year is reached.
So next try: I had a look at the english Wikipedia about computer science and I figured out that there doesn't even exist a link to the year of the computer science. Great.

To show you at least one other example I searched the Wikipedia page of 2006, which list all big events in this year and at least the Mozart-year has its own wiki page in the german Wikipedia.

Intersting is also that the english Wikipedia doesn't list 2006 as the year of computer science, but as a year of desert and desertification; the year of Rembrandt and Tesla and so on...

I got confused about all this stuff. So think about this all and about the media and their point of view.

Update (some hours later): I almost forgot to name the official webpage of the year of computer science.
And now: Good bye everybody!

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