Wed Apr 26 19:20:30 CEST 2006

CR112: Web 2.0

Today there is just another ChaosRadio show on Fritz. It's time for CR 112 with the topic Web 2.0.

At the studio will be Tim Pritlove, Felix Petersen, Stefan Kellner and Marco Seiffert. The show is going to start 22:00 MESZ and you can listen to it via lots of know methods or later via podcast.

There exist also an interactive page in the Wikipedia about CR 112.
Hopefully you enjoy it, too, and have fun...

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Wed Apr 26 00:06:57 CEST 2006


Hello. Maybe I should blog about it, maybe not... I don't know. This entry is about a relationship between me and a really cool girl.

But I cannot figure out what is right or what is wrong. Everything began that somebody I didn't know before (or at least, I didn't know her very well) tried to connect me via mobile phone - and this serveral times... some days later I send her a SMS. I got then an answer of her and the game began...

I didn't know who she was so I asked her several questions, we "fooled" a little bit around some days and tried to get more information about each other - then I figured out that she worked at the same place where I've done my social work. I knew her, but only her styling, her body, ... not her character.

After this, we continued writing mails and SMS and so on... we become really good friends. But I always asked myself if there isn't something more than a friendship maybe.
We went out to meet eatch other for a very nice (romantic) dinner, to drink something together; we also went together into the cinema to watch Scarry Movie 4 and something more...

Everybody else out there could thought that we felt in love, but the only answer I got from her of the question if there exist more than only a friendship was: "We will see - the time will show us the way" (or something like that)...

I like her very (very) much, but I don't want to lose her as a friend. You see? It's always not so easy... But what could I do? I don't want to lose her. :-/ ...

Have a nice night and make things better than I - or at least, have a try. :-)

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Mon Apr 24 23:10:30 CEST 2006

Year of the 'Computer Science'

Today I read the article about computer science in the german Wikipedia. Really interesting. There exist also a chapter about computer science and our society with the hint that we have got the year of the computer science 2006.

At the moment where I published this blog entry, the page about it doesn't exist and almost the half of this year is reached.
So next try: I had a look at the english Wikipedia about computer science and I figured out that there doesn't even exist a link to the year of the computer science. Great.

To show you at least one other example I searched the Wikipedia page of 2006, which list all big events in this year and at least the Mozart-year has its own wiki page in the german Wikipedia.

Intersting is also that the english Wikipedia doesn't list 2006 as the year of computer science, but as a year of desert and desertification; the year of Rembrandt and Tesla and so on...

I got confused about all this stuff. So think about this all and about the media and their point of view.

Update (some hours later): I almost forgot to name the official webpage of the year of computer science.
And now: Good bye everybody!

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Mon Apr 24 18:36:27 CEST 2006

Geek pr0n

Hello everybody. I found interesting links on Andreas' blog about Geek pr0n.

He linked there to the photo page of Paul Mutton, which has got very nice pictures of humans and the technique on one^W two^W three pages there.

Really good photography. You should have a look, too. :-)

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Sun Apr 23 20:30:48 CEST 2006

Scary Movie 4

Okay, I think I should blog about Scary Movie 4 nevertheless. It was the first time when I visited the cinema after a short while.

The movie was a little bit interesting. It was almost funny in some places - but all in all not the kind of humor I liked.
The story was not to bad, but the try to parodies the horror and mystery genres makes the story confusing and it was hard to follow the action of the movie.

I wouldn't want to say that you should go into your cinema and watch the film, too, but if the girl next to you is it worth, than the whole movie doesn't matter... believe me and have a nice night. :-)

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Sun Apr 23 12:14:55 CEST 2006

Back @home

Hello everybody out there reading the blog. I was not available the last days, because of a trip to austria. But now I am back at home, and ready to relax the few days of my holidays. I took some pictures of my trip to austria and you can have a look at them and maybe you enjoy them, too. :-)

Nevertheless, today I think don't blog to much, because I go out later on and meet a very nice girl... so don't wait too long for a new interesting blog entry. ;-)
But maybe I can tell you later, how I liked Scary Movie...

Have nice day anyway... I will.
See u l8er.

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Sun Apr 16 22:39:02 CEST 2006


Please notice that I will be not available since 2006-04-17 until 2006-04-22.
If you have any problems with our services on Nanofortnight - please contact one of the users on Forkbomb. Thank you.

I will travel to Austria with my family to relax a little bit of the last few months (civil_service--). So have all a great next week and see you back soon! 8-)

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Sat Apr 15 00:40:13 CEST 2006

Full moon

If I have a look out of my window, I'll notice that there is full moon today - no surprise - tomorrow is easter then.

So have a great night and sleep all well...

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Fri Apr 14 22:50:27 CEST 2006

Picture of the day

Via cdp_xe's website I found the Astronomy Picture of the Day by the NASA.

Every day they show a new picture there with an explanation.
Also please notice that NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted". (NASA copyright policy page). (via Template:PD-USGov-NASA)

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Mon Apr 10 22:24:50 CEST 2006

Art: Universal Connections

Today hansmi pointed me to an interesting website about art -

They made a presentation about Universal Connections:
"this phenomena inspired us to use the USB interface, with all its possibilities and ambiguities as a medium for this project", -- main page of the project

Please have a look at this - really good art with a kind of view of tomorrow.

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Sun Apr 9 11:35:56 CEST 2006

Toni Mahoni

I saw on Wednesday ZAPP with a report about Podcasts. Really nice. And with an interview with Toni Mahoni.

Toni Mahoni produces the Vodcast for Spreeblick. Cool guy with great stories.

If you understand German you can also download the ZAPP show via the CCC mirror or the Spreeblick mirror.
You can also read the great summary of the show written by Tim.

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Sat Apr 8 13:54:28 CEST 2006

Shell commands

Yesterday was just another ChaosMeeting in Nordhausen.

We had a small discussion there about Unix commands or better shell commands. Did you know for example that the opposite of a cat is a tac (reverse listing of the input stream)?

Or did you know that you can write something into a file until you write a special string?

basti@Woody:~$ cat << EOF > /tmp/foo
> /me/
> _please_

And this needn't to be EOF - it could be ANY other string. Really nice in the daily administrativ work here. :-)

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Thu Apr 5 20:50:36 CEST 2006

CSS Naked Day

Today we have got the CSS Naked Day.
That means that you should exclude your CSS file of your website.

We have got this day because of the hype around CSS. But it shouldn't be necessary for your browser to understand CSS to display your website correctly.

Everything should be "plain and simple". So have a nice day, and maybe get naked, too!

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