Sun Mar 26 16:07:36 CEST 2006

Jabber on nanofortnight

Yesterday I tried to install a jabberd on To get started I listen to a /dev/radio show about Jabber and then saw the video of the 'ChaosSeminar' about Jabber of the CCC Ulm.
It was quiet insteresting, but nothing about how I could get started.

So I merged jabberd 1.4.3. Everything went okay. Then I had to go through the whole config file (/etc/jabber/multiple.xml) to check every option (twice).... Some hours later the server ran.

I went to my Debian box and apt-get there psi... some minutes later I was connected to my own server. Really cool.
But there was still one thing left... the ICQ transport/gateway.

Furthermore I merged JIT (ICQ transport for wpjabber/jabberd). I looked at the external howtos but it still didn't work. After some hours of retries and restarts I figured out that there exist a /usr/portage/net-im/jit/files/README.Gentoo. I followed those instructions and - w0000000h0 - it really worked.

After that Jabber day I think I got some facts:

  • Don't trust ICQ/AiM/Yahoo/MSN and their companies
  • GnuPG encryption over SSL is really cool
  • Jabber is an open protocol which based on XMPP
  • XMPP is much more nit-picking than Jabber is
  • Jabber is really bad documentated (beside the RFCs of XMPP).
  • XML configs can be really nice, but look really if they're not
  • The standard isn't full implemented until now; we have still a buffer to get things better

If you would like to have a try with Jabber, too, go to the list of clients of

Last but not least. My jabberd runs on (ssl only) and the ICQ transport on Enjoy it.
-btw- I am :-)

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