Sat Mar 18 22:05:14 CET 2006

demonstration in my town

I was about eleven o'clock on my way to my work and saw in front of the city hall a demonstration. I saw about 30 people with at least three posters. On them were messages against the "social coldness".

Ca. 2 metres away from the demonstration there were two cars of the police with at least three police officers. They had a critical view of the demonstration.

For the short notices, in my town live around 42.765 inhabitants on an area of 89,32 km^2.

All in all, I don't believe that the people who demonstrated there were agreesive or unpolite against the police officers. All in all it seemed to be a happy event with music (Nena - Wunder geschehen e.g.) and some political statements - No reason to 'control' their freedom of speech, I think.

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