Fri Mar 17 23:20:56 CET 2006

Debian, GFDL, TLDP and SV

Hello! :-)
Yesterday, I received a mail about the fact that "Debian considers GNU FDL conditionally free". So that was the official statement of the Debian project I was waiting for.

I read the mail and thought something like: Oh yes, that was that kind of information you posted somewhere on your blog - but 'NO!'.
Today I read the announcements/miscellaneous page of The Linux Documentation Project. There you can read that the Debian decission affacted the project. The files of TLDP can now be included in the Debian distribution, because the Debian devs voted for the GNU FDL as a free documentation license without any invariant sections...

And the last point of the topic: If you looked at the project submissions or if your project is in the queue - we are on it currently. The last weeks we had a huge backlog of project submissions and support requests, but the reviews are getting faster. So thanks for your patience.

Good night.

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