Tue Mar 14 20:58:51 CET 2006

VirtualLife - a place where everybody can play?

Hello everybody out there. Today somebody said to me a really annoying statement. It was something like:

'Hey man, I know why you talk to this girl only in the virtual world. 
It's so much easier there and you can say almost everything to her;
even things that you cannot say in the real world.'

That's something I really dislike. I think about the virtual world in the same way I think about the real world. Everything I say to somebody in the virtual world, I also could say to him/her in the real world, too. But of course, sometimes the things in virtual life are more agressive, more lovely or too much in general. But the main idea of a sentence is (almost) the same in virtual and in real life.

So I don't make any differences there and I don't like if somebody tells me that there are differences, because it is wrong...

You cannot hide your personality in virtual life. Be yourself.

Update (two hours later): Sometimes I think I shouldn't post those rubish on my (serious) blog again. It's very personal, and it depends too much on my thoughts in this special moment. So please don't care of everything...

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