Mon Mar 13 20:52:37 CET 2006

Debian and the GNU FDL

Hello. I read the Symlink article about Debian and the GNU FDL which containts the URIs of the voting on debian-devel-announce, the statistics and the result of the voting with explenations.

The result of the voting was Debian accepts the GNU Free Document License (GNU FDL) as a free (like in freedom).
The majority of the Debian developers voted for

"GFDL-licensed works without unmodifiable sections are free"

But once more: It is the opinion of the Debian devs, not of the Debian users - so it's NOT the whole optionion of the Debian project (which is larger than some devs).

It doesn't suprise me much that the Debian devs have got still a problem with our invariant sections in the GNU FDL, so the voting doesn't contain any new aspects for me to think about.

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