Sun Mar 12 22:49:21 CET 2006

Hurd's development

Before I'm going down for sleep, I had a look at the HURD project page and then to their CVS tree.

After a short look into the hurd directory I noticed that the files are between 11 months and 9 years old, but after a closer look I saw the ChangeLog.
It's 6 weeks old and there were several changes in it between 2002-09-17 and 2006-01-26. You can compare the data and then you'll notice that the changes only apply to the Makefile and the configure scripts.
Isn't that annoying?

If I mentioned Hurd I have to say that there is another important project - HARD (Hurd's Alternative Repository for Development).
The files in their CVS tree are almost all 6 months old.

But if you think now that the development there is frozen you are totally wrong, we have got several new translations of the HURD project page.
And not all of the development happens primary on Savannah. Don't worry about this all and keep on supporting the HURD development!

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