Sun Mar 5 12:22:01 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days - 2. Day

Hello guys...
I am now on the Chemnitzer Linux Days, second day.

Yesterday, I met Venty here, because of Symlink. It was really fun, because I read him only and now I know him in real life. Really cool. :-)

But the presentations aren't bad, too. I listen to a presentation about our security on the Internet (TOR project) and before to Joerg Schilling.
Yesterday, there were really cool presentations about GPLv3 and the morality of free software.

Update@home: I'm sorry for not naming all of the Symlink people. But it was also cool to met XTaran for the first time.
The Symlink guys are really nice and cool. So thanks to all of them for the great time in Chemnitz and please go on (maybe we will meet each other on other events one more time ;)).

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