Wed Mar 1 19:21:52 CET 2006

misceleanous about a PPC

Hello everybody. Today was the first day of my holidays (till next Thursday).
So I prepared myself and my PowerBook for the Chemnitzer Linux Days.

At first, I tried to get my airport device to work under Gentoo GNU/Linux.
It was easy to follow the instructions on Gentoo's forum but the card could not authenticate.
The only 'hack' that works fine was:

	/sbin/iwconfig eth1 rate 11M
But where should I added this? To /etc/conf.d/local.start? I think the local scripts start to early or to late for the airport. So I add the line above and the call of /etc/init.d/net.eth1 into the local.start file... and it works for me.

At second, I had a try with cpufreq. I thought I should start cpufreqd but I figured out that it is enough to run /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils with the powersave governor - at least it works for me.

At third, I configured my WindowMaker and set up a boring background. So I searched for some beautiful wallpapers and found a nice webpage which contains cool wallpapers.
And I believe there is a way to change the wallpapers per cron and wmsetbg. But that's not primary... ;-)

And last but not least, I had a look at the crypto loopback support.
I created a file with dd and random data, crypted it, then put an ext3 file system on it and mounted it. That's it. My $HOME is now a crypted file. Very cool. :-)
There exist only one thing which isn't perfect yet; everytime I login I haven't got a home directory because I must mount it on my own and confirm the passphrase. But I think I can fix it if I put in my profile or bashrc a mount call...

Enough for today... have a nice night and if you have got time have a look at the 'Citchen Radio 44' about hacker, blinkenlights and something more about our culture and the policy.
Tim was the todays guest and all in all was it a really funny and interesting talk.

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