Wed Mar 29 23:19:21 CEST 2006

CR111: Cryptography

I'm listening now to Chaos Radio 111. At the studio are Frank Rosengart, hukl, Harald Welte and of course Holger Klein.

The topic is about cryptography and how to crypt your hard disc and your data to be secure. Within this there were some users who asked about WLAN security and the policy of the police.
There exist also a Contribute page on Wikipedia.

Really good show. There exist no longer any fact to not crypt any of your data.

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Tue Mar 28 21:34:33 CEST 2006

Savannah admins were listed

Today I received a great mail from John Sullivan (current chief webmaster for and about the people.html on (alphabetical list of some GNU contributors or GNU's Who).

John added the Savannah volunteers to this list. Great day for us. Thanks John, you made my day. :-)

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Mon Mar 27 19:28:43 CEST 2006


Yesterday I searched a little bit around of free music. So I had a look at the last ChaosRadio show. They played there - Pumpanickle - Hero of the Day.

The sound was really crazy, but very nice and I decided to download some more songs of this music group. You should have a try, too. ;-)


Playing MPEG stream from Pumpanickle - From Me to You.mp3 ...
My absolutly favourit song of Pumpanickle at the moment. Please go on guys!

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Sun Mar 26 16:07:36 CEST 2006

Jabber on nanofortnight

Yesterday I tried to install a jabberd on To get started I listen to a /dev/radio show about Jabber and then saw the video of the 'ChaosSeminar' about Jabber of the CCC Ulm.
It was quiet insteresting, but nothing about how I could get started.

So I merged jabberd 1.4.3. Everything went okay. Then I had to go through the whole config file (/etc/jabber/multiple.xml) to check every option (twice).... Some hours later the server ran.

I went to my Debian box and apt-get there psi... some minutes later I was connected to my own server. Really cool.
But there was still one thing left... the ICQ transport/gateway.

Furthermore I merged JIT (ICQ transport for wpjabber/jabberd). I looked at the external howtos but it still didn't work. After some hours of retries and restarts I figured out that there exist a /usr/portage/net-im/jit/files/README.Gentoo. I followed those instructions and - w0000000h0 - it really worked.

After that Jabber day I think I got some facts:

  • Don't trust ICQ/AiM/Yahoo/MSN and their companies
  • GnuPG encryption over SSL is really cool
  • Jabber is an open protocol which based on XMPP
  • XMPP is much more nit-picking than Jabber is
  • Jabber is really bad documentated (beside the RFCs of XMPP).
  • XML configs can be really nice, but look really if they're not
  • The standard isn't full implemented until now; we have still a buffer to get things better

If you would like to have a try with Jabber, too, go to the list of clients of

Last but not least. My jabberd runs on (ssl only) and the ICQ transport on Enjoy it.
-btw- I am :-)

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Thu Mar 23 23:57:33 CET 2006

ProLinux and the GPLv2_only thing

Because of a Savannah Submission of markonvert and the issue about GPLv2 only - ProLinux wrote an article about this.

So I wrote the reasons why we force projects to uses the GPL vX or any later version as a comment to ProLinux and as a followup to the Savannah tracker item.
The whole procedure is also described on our Wiki page about GPLv2 or any later.

But all in all, thanks to ProLinux for naming me in your article. I become famous a little bit - really cool. :-)

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Thu Mar 23 22:03:01 CET 2006

100 days uptime

Today my server has got an uptime of 100 days.

root@nanofortnight:~# uptime
21:55:58 up 100 days, 11:25, 12 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this project and may GNU/Linux be with you all...

Another highlight of the history of is that at the moment all IRC server in Forkbomb's network link against nanofortnight.

---         (1)  11
--- |              (1)  20
--- |                 (3)  10
--- | `      (8)  
--- |          (0)  22
--- |  (3)  23
--- |                (0)  21
--- `          (4)  24
--- End of /MAP

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Wed Mar 22 21:30:05 CET 2006

Philosophical Wars

Today's entry is about "philosophical wars". I would like to write an entry about this because of a special talk I had in the night at the Chemnitzer Linux Days with Lutz Willek and some others.

The main point is that if you think about special free software or open source projects, you can almost everytime think about two projects, which almost do identically the same.

For example when I think about free/open window managers, to my mind come KDE and GNOME. They are the biggest projects of the winow managers - and they do almost identically the same. But they were designed in different ways.

GNOME uses GTK (The GIMP Toolkit) and KDE uses Qt. GTK is part of the GNU project.

Furthermore if I think of the two biggest free software licenses - the modified BSD license and the GNU General Public License come to my mind.
Both licenses provides freedom - it only depends on YOU, how you define freedom for yourself. :-)

You can imagine of some more examples, but you should notice that the biggest projects in a special category are not very friendly to each other and that there exist a really war about thoughts, ideas, algorithms and some more things.
In the last run I think of VIM and Emacs - it's not a question about how usefull an editor is, but how you love it.

But it's always the user's choice which software he uses for his daily tasks, so the wars will go on about the users...

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Mon Mar 20 23:37:54 CET 2006

ChaosRadio with a new look

How Tim described in his blog entry about the "Chaosradio Website Relaunch" Chaosradio got a new design with special sub-categories:

  • Chaosradio
  • Chaosradio Express
  • Chaos TV
  • Die Datenschleuder
  • Dossier Chaotique
  • Chaosradio International

I think it was a very good idea to split everything in several sub-categories of the ChaosRadio. That we have got now several new podcast feeds, it's a very nice side affect. :-)

But I missed some more files of the Chaos Comedy Club - a project of the CCC Cologne (C4).

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Sat Mar 18 22:05:14 CET 2006

demonstration in my town

I was about eleven o'clock on my way to my work and saw in front of the city hall a demonstration. I saw about 30 people with at least three posters. On them were messages against the "social coldness".

Ca. 2 metres away from the demonstration there were two cars of the police with at least three police officers. They had a critical view of the demonstration.

For the short notices, in my town live around 42.765 inhabitants on an area of 89,32 km^2.

All in all, I don't believe that the people who demonstrated there were agreesive or unpolite against the police officers. All in all it seemed to be a happy event with music (Nena - Wunder geschehen e.g.) and some political statements - No reason to 'control' their freedom of speech, I think.

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Fri Mar 17 23:20:56 CET 2006

Debian, GFDL, TLDP and SV

Hello! :-)
Yesterday, I received a mail about the fact that "Debian considers GNU FDL conditionally free". So that was the official statement of the Debian project I was waiting for.

I read the mail and thought something like: Oh yes, that was that kind of information you posted somewhere on your blog - but 'NO!'.
Today I read the announcements/miscellaneous page of The Linux Documentation Project. There you can read that the Debian decission affacted the project. The files of TLDP can now be included in the Debian distribution, because the Debian devs voted for the GNU FDL as a free documentation license without any invariant sections...

And the last point of the topic: If you looked at the project submissions or if your project is in the queue - we are on it currently. The last weeks we had a huge backlog of project submissions and support requests, but the reviews are getting faster. So thanks for your patience.

Good night.

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Tue Mar 14 20:58:51 CET 2006

VirtualLife - a place where everybody can play?

Hello everybody out there. Today somebody said to me a really annoying statement. It was something like:

'Hey man, I know why you talk to this girl only in the virtual world. 
It's so much easier there and you can say almost everything to her;
even things that you cannot say in the real world.'

That's something I really dislike. I think about the virtual world in the same way I think about the real world. Everything I say to somebody in the virtual world, I also could say to him/her in the real world, too. But of course, sometimes the things in virtual life are more agressive, more lovely or too much in general. But the main idea of a sentence is (almost) the same in virtual and in real life.

So I don't make any differences there and I don't like if somebody tells me that there are differences, because it is wrong...

You cannot hide your personality in virtual life. Be yourself.

Update (two hours later): Sometimes I think I shouldn't post those rubish on my (serious) blog again. It's very personal, and it depends too much on my thoughts in this special moment. So please don't care of everything...

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Tue Mar 14 01:03:25 CET 2006

Hacker Ethics and the Society

I searched this night for the Hacker Ethics published by the Chaos Computer Club and found this list:

  • Access to computers - and anything which might teach you something about the way the world really works - should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative!
  • All information should be free
  • Mistrust authority - promote decentralization.
  • Hackers should be judged by their acting, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.
  • You can create art and beauty on a computer.
  • Computers can change your life for the better.
  • Don't litter other people's data.
  • Make public data available, protect private data.

The list can also be found at the CCC site about the Hacker Ethics.

The most important point (of course all points are important) for me is that you shouldn't judge about a human being because of his/her degrees, age, race, or position.
You should always be tollerant enough to accept other people and their opinions and not flame them if they don't think the same way you do.
And another point for me is that every life is it worth to be protected. So help each other and don't think of you like you are the center of our universe.

If somebody will think about this sentenses I will be glade.
And thanks to Melanie, who inspired me to write this blog entry. :-)

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Mon Mar 13 20:52:37 CET 2006

Debian and the GNU FDL

Hello. I read the Symlink article about Debian and the GNU FDL which containts the URIs of the voting on debian-devel-announce, the statistics and the result of the voting with explenations.

The result of the voting was Debian accepts the GNU Free Document License (GNU FDL) as a free (like in freedom).
The majority of the Debian developers voted for

"GFDL-licensed works without unmodifiable sections are free"

But once more: It is the opinion of the Debian devs, not of the Debian users - so it's NOT the whole optionion of the Debian project (which is larger than some devs).

It doesn't suprise me much that the Debian devs have got still a problem with our invariant sections in the GNU FDL, so the voting doesn't contain any new aspects for me to think about.

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Sun Mar 12 22:49:21 CET 2006

Hurd's development

Before I'm going down for sleep, I had a look at the HURD project page and then to their CVS tree.

After a short look into the hurd directory I noticed that the files are between 11 months and 9 years old, but after a closer look I saw the ChangeLog.
It's 6 weeks old and there were several changes in it between 2002-09-17 and 2006-01-26. You can compare the data and then you'll notice that the changes only apply to the Makefile and the configure scripts.
Isn't that annoying?

If I mentioned Hurd I have to say that there is another important project - HARD (Hurd's Alternative Repository for Development).
The files in their CVS tree are almost all 6 months old.

But if you think now that the development there is frozen you are totally wrong, we have got several new translations of the HURD project page.
And not all of the development happens primary on Savannah. Don't worry about this all and keep on supporting the HURD development!

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Sun Mar 12 20:40:48 CET 2006

doxygen and our licenses

Hello everybody.
After a short time without any blog activity, I would like to write a short entry about doxygen and our licenses (GNU GPL, GNU FDL and GNU LGPL).

First of all the intention to write this: I saw a lot of people on who have got a doxygen documentation without any license notices. But everytime I bugged them about this, they wrote to me that the documentation is auto generated and that they couldn't include any notices into it.

On the last weekend I had a look at doxygen because my pi-calculator needs a documentation and I found the doxygen option for HTML (for other output formats look at our own doxygen config):

	HTML_HEADER            =

So I wrote there a <PATH>/doc/html/header.html.

Then I had to write into the file the default doxygen statements:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1">
<link href="doxygen.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


I wrote above this doxygen header my copyright and license statement(s).
Have an additional look at our pages for help with the copyright notices and license notices (GPL, LGPL).

So in the end you have got an auto generated documentation but with a copyright and license header. You can follow this instructions for any other formats than HTML, too.

Thanks for reading my blog. Good night.

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Tue Mar 7 23:11:41 CET 2006

User motivation

Hello everybody.

Today I listened to the podcast show 100 of and then to the current podcast show.

After it I added a nice panorama of Wellington (New Zeland) on my gallery.

And then I searched the Linux Information Day 2005 (Dresden) website about the presentation of Meike Reichle about User motivation or why the BOFH isn't (almost) funny.
Great presentation for every sysadmin who would like to understand his/her users and think about Meike's speech.
It's a pitty that I was unable to listen to it on the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2006, because of the Key Signing Party. :-/

But nevertheless... good night to you.

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Mon Mar 6 23:08:55 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days - After-Treatment

Hello guys outside of my computer...

Today I worked on the after-treatment of the Chemnitzer Linux Days.
I signed all PGP keys and uploaded them to the key servers. After it I installed my new gallery and uploaded the pictures of the event.

Update 2006-03-07:

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Sun Mar 5 12:22:01 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days - 2. Day

Hello guys...
I am now on the Chemnitzer Linux Days, second day.

Yesterday, I met Venty here, because of Symlink. It was really fun, because I read him only and now I know him in real life. Really cool. :-)

But the presentations aren't bad, too. I listen to a presentation about our security on the Internet (TOR project) and before to Joerg Schilling.
Yesterday, there were really cool presentations about GPLv3 and the morality of free software.

Update@home: I'm sorry for not naming all of the Symlink people. But it was also cool to met XTaran for the first time.
The Symlink guys are really nice and cool. So thanks to all of them for the great time in Chemnitz and please go on (maybe we will meet each other on other events one more time ;)).

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Thu Mar 2 21:52:54 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Days 2006

Hello everybody.
This is my last blog entry before I'll go to the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2006.

Today I prepared everything for the event and now I think that I am done.
So if you want to meet me or something like that, please contact me there. ;-)

And now, have a great weekend, not too much work (hopefully), and we will see us back on monday.

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Wed Mar 1 19:21:52 CET 2006

misceleanous about a PPC

Hello everybody. Today was the first day of my holidays (till next Thursday).
So I prepared myself and my PowerBook for the Chemnitzer Linux Days.

At first, I tried to get my airport device to work under Gentoo GNU/Linux.
It was easy to follow the instructions on Gentoo's forum but the card could not authenticate.
The only 'hack' that works fine was:

	/sbin/iwconfig eth1 rate 11M
But where should I added this? To /etc/conf.d/local.start? I think the local scripts start to early or to late for the airport. So I add the line above and the call of /etc/init.d/net.eth1 into the local.start file... and it works for me.

At second, I had a try with cpufreq. I thought I should start cpufreqd but I figured out that it is enough to run /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils with the powersave governor - at least it works for me.

At third, I configured my WindowMaker and set up a boring background. So I searched for some beautiful wallpapers and found a nice webpage which contains cool wallpapers.
And I believe there is a way to change the wallpapers per cron and wmsetbg. But that's not primary... ;-)

And last but not least, I had a look at the crypto loopback support.
I created a file with dd and random data, crypted it, then put an ext3 file system on it and mounted it. That's it. My $HOME is now a crypted file. Very cool. :-)
There exist only one thing which isn't perfect yet; everytime I login I haven't got a home directory because I must mount it on my own and confirm the passphrase. But I think I can fix it if I put in my profile or bashrc a mount call...

Enough for today... have a nice night and if you have got time have a look at the 'Citchen Radio 44' about hacker, blinkenlights and something more about our culture and the policy.
Tim was the todays guest and all in all was it a really funny and interesting talk.

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