Thu Feb 23 23:51:01 CET 2006

Which operating system?

Hello you, reader of this blog, nice to meet you. ;-)

Today I thought the whole evening about an operating system I could use on my new x86.
And I have got only a few wishes on my lists.

It shouldn't be:

  • Windows(tm)
  • Linux(tm)
  • GNU/Hurd
  • Minix
  • OpenBSD
  • Slowaris

But it should:

  • run on a x86 architecture
  • have got the gcc (version doesn't matter)
  • run without a GUI (so good bye native MacOS)
  • be POSIX conform

So I thought of:

This could be very difficult. FreeBSD is just another *nix distribution, and I don't want to go on this way...
SchilliX sounds not too bad to me, but if you have got a look at the history, the development seems to be frozen.
Nexenta OS is a mix of the Debian system (with the GNUtils) and the OpenSolaris kernel, so you try another way, but you can keep the whole GNU experience(s).

I think I should give Nexenta OS a try. More news about this topic soon....
Good night.

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