Sat Feb 18 22:49:28 CET 2006

MediaWiki upgrade to 1.5.6

Hello. I've searched the first quarter of the day for things which I can do. So I listened to the last spreeblick podcast and then had a look at my nice MediaWiki installation on

I wondered why some features didn't work so I upgraded to 1.5.6 (from 1.4.x) and in the same run upgradet to PHP 5.1.2.
Gentoo's emerge said everything went well so I started my $browser and wondered why the MediaWiki didn't work.
I noticed quickly that I had to follow the Upgrade Instructions of the Wikimedia.

The whole upgrade process was one big mess - nothing went well.
So I hacked my mysql database a little bit, modified some MediaWiki scripts and then noticed that the upgrade instruction of the Wikimedia was rubbish.

If the Wikimedia wrote about:

To convert your database to utf-8, you have two ways:
   1. ....
   2. ....
They mean that you should follow step one and two.

Around five(!) hours later my MediaWiki was running again, but the characters (mutations) were broken. I don't want to fix that stuff again with MediaWiki so I simply rewrote the article (thanks to Pascal ;-)) and everything is fine now.

Thanks again to the Wikimedia for that nice evening with the MediaWiki and to the others:
Good night!

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