Thu Feb 16 16:24:38 CET 2006

FSF, SV and the thing about the GFDL

Hello everybody out there reading my blog.
I will have another try (after this one) to comment the policy change of

After reading the offical statement[1] you should notice that we don't limit users very much. The policy only applies to new projects and then only if they have got manuals written in Texinfo, and documentation[s] which ought to be improved into such manuals[1].

But of course we would be glad if other projects switch their licenses to the GNU FDL (or compatible licenses), too, even if they are not affected by this policy.

If you are interested in this issue or if you've got questions/comments about the policy or how you apply the GNU FDL to your documentations, feel free to bug us about it. :-)

Furthermore some links about the topic:

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