Fri Feb 3 23:56:28 CET 2006

Blog design

Since today we (Pascal Fricke and I) work on the new design of this blog. I re-wrote some css styles and tried to modify a great picture, which I found in the WikiCommons.

You can see on the picture the "northern arm of the Don Pedro Lake (seen from Hwy 120)" (California).
Thanks to Luzian Wild to provide for this panoramic view free usage under the terms of the GNU FDL or Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Thanks also to Pascal Fricke for his help with the text layers on top of the picture.

Update [2006-02-05]: Pascal modified the picture to fit all of my dreams. ;-) Now the blog has got a wonderfull banner. Hopefully you enjoy it, too!
And many thanks to Pascal!


Update [2006-09-12]: Since today this blog uses also some icons next to the titles. I use the Noia icon theme for KDE 3.x for this, because it looks awesome. :-) It was releases under the terms of the LGPL versions 2.1 or any later.


Update [2006-09-18]: For more information have an additional look at the LICENSES file. Thanks!

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