Tue Feb 28 18:58:54 CET 2006

strange things

Hello everybody out there. :-)
Today I found two inconceivably things.

At first I've looked at the 'Spreeblick Shop' and found there a really nice Spreeblick-ZIPPO. I think I'll put this in my wishlist for my birthday. ;-)
For all of you who don't know what a ZIPPO is, check out the wikipedia article about ZIPPOs.
Very nice and limit for unlimited fun.

At second, I've looked a spreeblick article about CSS and how to make a 'house'.
A very good example what you all can do with CSS is of course this house made with CSS without any images.

Web 0.01 was yesterday! Why don't write all images in ASCII with the help of CSS? Great idea. :-)
Then good night.

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Fri Feb 24 21:26:37 CET 2006

Nexenta OS - the force of registrations

This should be a general posting about something I really hate.

Nexenta forces its users to register to start a download.
And if there is something which I really hate then it is to register myself to start a download of a (free) software.
But there is no limitation I thought of to avoid this. But if a distribution called itself a complete GNU-based open source operating system built on top of the OpenSolaris kernel and choose gnusolaris.org for its home there is a point where I think: It's free software, free like in freedom.

So there is nothing to avoid the publication of an (in)officiall list of mirrors:

Please notice that this list shows only the URIs for the Installation CD.

But of course you can make a donation to the Nexenta team if you like. I only don't want to register somewhere to download a (hopefully) free OS. Thanks for your interest.

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Fri Feb 24 12:23:48 CET 2006

No Jokes Please!

"All threats are taken seriously."

This sign was found at the airport in London. It's about the investigation of the police of people who want to fly away by plane.

Q: "Do you have got any weapons?"
A: "Which one do you want?"

This image was discussed in the last ChaosRadio show (110).

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Thu Feb 23 23:51:01 CET 2006

Which operating system?

Hello you, reader of this blog, nice to meet you. ;-)

Today I thought the whole evening about an operating system I could use on my new x86.
And I have got only a few wishes on my lists.

It shouldn't be:

  • Windows(tm)
  • Linux(tm)
  • GNU/Hurd
  • Minix
  • OpenBSD
  • Slowaris

But it should:

  • run on a x86 architecture
  • have got the gcc (version doesn't matter)
  • run without a GUI (so good bye native MacOS)
  • be POSIX conform

So I thought of:

This could be very difficult. FreeBSD is just another *nix distribution, and I don't want to go on this way...
SchilliX sounds not too bad to me, but if you have got a look at the history, the development seems to be frozen.
Nexenta OS is a mix of the Debian system (with the GNUtils) and the OpenSolaris kernel, so you try another way, but you can keep the whole GNU experience(s).

I think I should give Nexenta OS a try. More news about this topic soon....
Good night.

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Wed Feb 22 21:14:48 CET 2006

CR110: Fighting The War

In less than an hour, you can listen to ChaosRadio: 110.

The topic of the show is Fighting The War. Frank Rieger, Pavel Mayer, Peter Glaser, Tim Pritlove and Holger Klein will discuss the limitation of our freedom - particularly the freedom of speech and liberty of opinion worldwide.

It could be very interesting if the result of the discussion is that we Lost The War or that there is still a chance for all of us.

You can listen to the show via Fritz or via the live stream (21:00 UTC).
Enjoy it!

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Tue Feb 21 22:21:03 CET 2006

Intimate massager with USB support

I found today via spreeblick an interesting article about the first intimate massager to be inspired by the techniques of foreplay.
This one supports USB and was released with a special software to create your own Grooves.

You can get more information about it on JeJoue.com. Enjoy it. ;-)

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Sun Feb 19 01:21:42 CET 2006


Before putting myself into bed I want to tell you that I or my blog support(s) now comments as well, so feel free to write some. I would be happy.

The other thing I want to tell you quickly is about a really funny page - nerdtest.com. There you can go and do the test - it's really fun and it has got awesome questions. ;-)

My computer geek score is greater than 86% of all people in the world! How do you compare?
	    Cick here to find out! I am nerdier than 86% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Sat Feb 18 22:49:28 CET 2006

MediaWiki upgrade to 1.5.6

Hello. I've searched the first quarter of the day for things which I can do. So I listened to the last spreeblick podcast and then had a look at my nice MediaWiki installation on nanofortnight.org.

I wondered why some features didn't work so I upgraded to 1.5.6 (from 1.4.x) and in the same run upgradet to PHP 5.1.2.
Gentoo's emerge said everything went well so I started my $browser and wondered why the MediaWiki didn't work.
I noticed quickly that I had to follow the Upgrade Instructions of the Wikimedia.

The whole upgrade process was one big mess - nothing went well.
So I hacked my mysql database a little bit, modified some MediaWiki scripts and then noticed that the upgrade instruction of the Wikimedia was rubbish.

If the Wikimedia wrote about:

To convert your database to utf-8, you have two ways:
   1. ....
   2. ....
They mean that you should follow step one and two.

Around five(!) hours later my MediaWiki was running again, but the characters (mutations) were broken. I don't want to fix that stuff again with MediaWiki so I simply rewrote the article (thanks to Pascal ;-)) and everything is fine now.

Thanks again to the Wikimedia for that nice evening with the MediaWiki and to the others:
Good night!

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Fri Feb 17 19:12:48 CET 2006

Chaos Radio Express 017

Hello every body out there.. here it is

basti@Woody:~$ date
Fri Feb 17 19:05:09 CET 2006
and the last record of ChaosRadio Express (CRE017) is now over.

There was an nice talk about the GNU General Public License version 2 with Tim Pritlove and Harald Welte (contributor of the IPTABLES project in the LINUX kernel and project leader of the GPL Violations Project).

In the end there is a view into the future of the GPL (GPLv3) and the current Draft of the GPLv3.
A very nice and interesting CRE show - happy listening. :-)

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Fri Feb 17 10:33:17 CET 2006


Hey guys. Because of some listings in other blogs I would like to make my own Blogroll or point out the resources of the Blogosphere. ;-)


German speaking blogs (unsorted):


English speaking blogs (unsorted):


Multilangual speaking blogs (unsorted):

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Thu Feb 16 16:24:38 CET 2006

FSF, SV and the thing about the GFDL

Hello everybody out there reading my blog.
I will have another try (after this one) to comment the policy change of Savannah.GNU.org.

After reading the offical statement[1] you should notice that we don't limit users very much. The policy only applies to new projects and then only if they have got manuals written in Texinfo, and documentation[s] which ought to be improved into such manuals[1].

But of course we would be glad if other projects switch their licenses to the GNU FDL (or compatible licenses), too, even if they are not affected by this policy.

If you are interested in this issue or if you've got questions/comments about the policy or how you apply the GNU FDL to your documentations, feel free to bug us about it. :-)

Furthermore some links about the topic:

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Tue Feb 14 22:39:21 CET 2006

World Press Photo

Hello out there guys (and girls)... hopefully you all had got a nice Valentine's Day.
Today I found an interesting webpage via Spreeblick.com (seems that this weblog becomes my favourit one :-)) - World Press Photo.

This webpage ought to be a site about photojournalism which contains pictures that are really good and which let me think about our culture and our society.

Please have a look at those pictures and think about yourself and your environment.

Then: Good night and nice dreaming!

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Tue Feb 14 00:07:10 CET 2006

Hard disc crashes

Hello out there.... today is some of these days... I shouldn't do anything today anymore. But okay, one minute left, then it's 2morrow. :-)

If you don't find me today or 2morrow online, it's why _now_ my hard disc crashes at my router.
Quote from its dmesg:

      hda: no DRQ after issuing MULTWRITE
      hda: status error: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
      hda: status error: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }
      hda: no DRQ after issuing WRITE
      ide0: reset: success
      hda: lost interrupt

So say good bye to this hard disc. :-( I need to go out and buy a new one... but the best thing ever: I have got full hard-disc images! YEAH!

So have a nice night and see you all hopefully soon. ;-)
. o O ( Don't wait with the dinner for me, Mum )


Almost forgotten: Nice Valentine's day to all! (Have a look at Savannah and found out how sweet Valentine's day could be in the GNU family.

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Thu Feb 9 23:52:13 CET 2006

todays podcast and "Free Culture"

Today I listened once more to the podcast(s) of spreeblick.com. The podcast of $today was about "rubish" containing in the end the sound of birds (within a normal evening in Kreuzberg).

"Die grossten Kritiker der Elche waren frueher selber welche." - with this quotation the podcast begins - followed by a short reference to Jonny's interview on FRITZ.

The whole interview can be found on Spreeblick, too. It's about the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy and the freedom of speech in general.

The other news of the day I found on ProLinux about a new book of Lawrence Lessig, "Freie Kultur - Wesen und Zukunft der Kreativität"

OpenSourcePress wrote about it that it is a book about the creativity and about the media in our current culture and about the wishes of the industry.
The author, Lawrence Lessig, owns the FSF-Awards 2002, founded the Creative Commons and is professor of law on the Stanford Law School.

Then: Good night!

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Thu Feb 9 20:58:37 CET 2006

'GNU Emacs Pocket Reference'

Hello readers,
today I bought a new (german) book - 'GNU Emacs Pocket Reference'.

This book is a short reference about GNU Emacs. It describes the standard commands of Emacs and some more features (mail, news, browsing, ...).
It's really cool because you have got (almost) everything on one (short) view, but it's not for learning Emacs from scratch and understand its ideology.

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Tue Feb 7 12:57:28 CET 2006


Hello out there.
Today I found an intresting article via Symlink.ch about an empty whisky bottle which contains a whole personal computer.

More information about the mod can be found at Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö's website.
Also Slashdot.org has got an article about the crazy PC case.

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Fri Feb 3 23:56:28 CET 2006

Blog design

Since today we (Pascal Fricke and I) work on the new design of this blog. I re-wrote some css styles and tried to modify a great picture, which I found in the WikiCommons.

You can see on the picture the "northern arm of the Don Pedro Lake (seen from Hwy 120)" (California).
Thanks to Luzian Wild to provide for this panoramic view free usage under the terms of the GNU FDL or Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Thanks also to Pascal Fricke for his help with the text layers on top of the picture.

Update [2006-02-05]: Pascal modified the picture to fit all of my dreams. ;-) Now the blog has got a wonderfull banner. Hopefully you enjoy it, too!
And many thanks to Pascal!


Update [2006-09-12]: Since today this blog uses also some icons next to the titles. I use the Noia icon theme for KDE 3.x for this, because it looks awesome. :-) It was releases under the terms of the LGPL versions 2.1 or any later.


Update [2006-09-18]: For more information have an additional look at the LICENSES file. Thanks!

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