Sun Jan 29 01:18:32 CET 2006


This night I created some favicon(s) for my websites (, and this blog.

And I should tell you that it really suxx^2! That's why every web-browser asks my apache server to serve a favicon.ico for the site(s). But he cannot, because they didn't exist, so he wrote an error message in his log file. That's really annoying.
Another point is that the favicons must be 32x32 but support only 8bit, 256colors (seems at least to me like). So you had to put the content of your webpage in one image and then scale it. Really funny. :-/

And who startet all the stuff? I think you know who did it... but if you don't - find it out!

Some links about this topic:

Almost forgotten to tell you this:
Support of Favicons since Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0-Beta (1998)

Then: Good night!

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