Fri Jan 27 21:32:50 CET 2006

Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2006

Hello everybody out there. Hopefully you all had a better day than I had today, but nevertheless there is always one positiv point.

Since today you can find on the website of the Chemnitzer Linux Tage the official list of the presentations.
I had a quick look at it, and there are some presentations, which could be really funny - e.g.
"GPL 3.0 - Die neue Lizenz fr freie Software"
"Nutzer motivieren - oder: Warum der BOFH (fast) nicht lustig ist"
and many more. :-)

Two other points I realized there are the Linux Nacht / Night and the search for ways to Chemnitz.

Update: I created my personal presentation list.
If you are living in my area and if you are interested in the CLT as well, feel free to contact me.

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